Henry Scheck

Henry Scheck

Henry Scheck has over a decade of experience in renewable energy projects. He has led teams that developed innovative low-light-harvesting Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells as well as serving on boards of several cutting-edge technological enterprises.

Scheck rose to national fame when he assisted OJ Simpson’s defense during his murder trial in 1995. Scheck’s cross-examination of police forensic experts highlighted serious errors which ultimately resulted in Simpson’s acquittal.

Early Life and Education

Henry has extensive experience working in politics, organizing, and storytelling. He is dedicated to progressive political activism and supporting grassroots organizers – having participated in Kamala Harris’ 2016 Presidential run as well as working with Tennessee-based racial justice nonprofits and AmeriCorps programs as an AmeriCorps member and teaching incarcerated youth near Washington D.C.

Scheck was one of the attorneys who successfully represented Hedda Nussbaum and saw her charges dismissed in 1987, as well as being part of the team that cleared Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson from their unjust murder convictions in 1999.

As CEO of SunDensity, he is leading an effort to revolutionize solar energy capture and conversion into electricity. A veteran of various cutting-edge technological enterprises such as IDEX Health and Science as a hands-on lab teacher and boardroom leader; Chroma Technology as an employee owned life science optics provider;

Professional Career

Henry is an accomplished technology business executive with extensive experience developing and scaling innovative optical/photonic solutions for life science markets. He takes an hands-on approach to engineering while possessing excellent boardroom leadership qualities.

He has worked on cutting edge technological enterprises throughout his career and is dedicated to revolutionizing solar energy for conversion to electricity. With extensive knowledge in solar PV and OPV technologies as well as being capable of designing, engineering and deploying large scale renewable power projects.

His 10-match singles winning streak against CC was broken, yet he managed to rebound with three set victories over August Knox in Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 singles matches against Aiden Little and William Leschig respectively in super tie-breakers.

Achievement and Honors

Henry was known for his warm smile, bright eyes, generous spirit and thoughtful leadership – qualities which won him many friends. He saw life as an adventure and dedicated his energy towards connecting meaningfully with people through work, church, family sports teams and the Havertown Optimist Club among other organizations. Henry hails from Fishtown Philadelphia but made significant philanthropic contributions including Northeast High School, Penn’s Athletic Department and his local church; additionally his generosity extended to arts and sports in Glen Mills PA where his adopted home resided alongside his beloved wife Lois.

Personal Life

Scheck dedicated his later years to civil rights work, focusing on police brutality cases. Additionally, he served on New York State’s Forensic Science Review Board and published the 2000 book Actual Innocence.

In 1987, he successfully represented Hedda Nussbaum in a highly publicized case that divided public opinion. Broadcast live on television, the trial involved allegations that she abused her children and caused one to die.

In 1995, he was asked to assist O.J. Simpson’s defense, and his eight-day cross examination of a police criminologist is widely considered one of the major factors leading to his eventual acquittal. Additionally, he served as lead counsel in 1997 in Louise Woodward’s murder trial (a British au pair accused of killing her child).

Net Worth

Henry Scheck is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $1 Million according to networthpost. Throughout his career, he amassed substantial wealth.

Scheck has successfully represented high-profile clients such as Hedda Nussbaum whose 1987 murder conviction was reversed in 1994 and Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson after serving 11 years for their involvement in an au pair shipwreck off Italy in 1999, for which Scheck served as lead attorney in both cases.

Has expanded his holdings into professional sports ownership with Fenway Sports Group owning 50 percent of both Boston Red Sox and English Premier League soccer team Liverpool FC as well as 80 percent of regional television network NESN.

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