Henry Rifle

Henry Rifle

The Henry rifle is a lever action breechloading repeating firearm designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry and produced by New Haven Arms Company during the 1860s. It features classic features, including folding ladder rear sights with brass bead front sights as well as tubular magazines for convenient loading and unloading of cartridges.

Henry rifles weren’t necessarily intended with scope mounting in mind, yet they work much better than most.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Claremont, New Hampshire to mill owners. His grandfather invented the revolutionary wry-fly water wheel which not only revolutionized mills but also led to an abundance of paper and textile factories being established within Claremont itself. Henry was initially employed as a foreman before going on to create the Henry rifle, an invention which would revolutionize firearms history. The original Henry featured a brass receiver and buttplate, one-piece 24.5 inch barrel and 13 round capacity – qualities which remain hallmarks of excellence today. Henry pistols feature traditional half-cock safety hammer notches without modernized manual safeties, making it the ideal option for use by shooters accustomed to traditional firearms. Available both as Original H011 or Iron Framed Original H011IF models and with either folding ladder rear sights or drift adjustable blade front sights as options, Henry is versatile enough for everyday shooting or target practice.

Personal Life

Henry rifles have been employed in combat by numerous military personnel, such as Count Jan Kanty Dzialynski during the January Uprising. New Haven Arms designed this particular model – known as The Original Henry – which features hardened brass receivers, buttplates, barrels and fancy grade American walnut stocks with classic folding ladder rear sights graduated to 800 yards as well as drift adjustable blade front sights. Furthermore, recently they introduced the Rare Carbine variant, with reduced barrel length for lighter packages.

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