Henry Pitman

Henry Pitman is a Somatic Experience Practitioner and a Magistrate Judge

Henry Pitman was fearful for his legal status after rebelling against King James II, yet it soon became evident that nothing should worry him.

He was spared the full punishment of being hanged, drawn and quartered for his acts of treason, however. This story inspired Rafael Sabatini’s 1922 novel Captain Blood that later inspired Errol Flynn in the 1935 swashbuckler film Captain Blood.

Early Life and Education

Pitman began secretly recruiting his escape crew while laboring under harsh conditions at a cash-crop plantation on an isolated Caribbean island. First he recruited John Nuthall, an unskilled woodworker unable to escape Barbados due to debts. From here he convinced six fellow Monmouth rebels: John Whicker, Thomas Austin, John Cooke, William Woodcock (a clothier), Jeremiah Atkins and Peter Bagwell (both farmers).

After spending one year exploring Europe, Pitman returned to Cambridge to study medicine. Over time he became a physician and lecturer in materia medica at St George’s Hospital and King’s College London as well as serving as the Registrar for the Royal College of Physicians Registrar; eventually writing several medical books during this period.

Professional Career

Henry Pitman is a Certified Somatic Experience Practitioner (CSEP), offering personal SE sessions at Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels – and certified Somatic Experience trainer as well.

Attorney Christopher DiTaro worked as law clerk to Honorable Judge Lloyd F. MacMahon of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. DiTaro earned both his Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University and Juris Doctor degree with honors from New York City School of Law.

He is trained as a Title IX external hearing officer and has handled cases relating to civil rights, trademark counterfeiting, securities fraud, commodities fraud and other matters. Additionally, he serves as both mediator and arbitrator. Finally, he belongs to JAMS Title IX panel as well.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Pitman received the Silver Star for his valor and bravery during combat operations in Vietnam. Additionally, he served with Marine Corps Aviation Association.

He was among thousands who were captured as a result of Monmouth’s Rebellion, yet managed to avoid full punishment (hanging, drawing and quartering) because his participation was minimal in nature.

Pitman worked as a sea surgeon for the rebel army before taking passage on an English ketch to New Providence where the colony had an informal policy regarding pirates. Fearful that arrest would ensue, the captain allowed Pitman and his crew members to disembark secretly – never returning back to England.

Personal Life

Henry Pittman is a certified Somatic Experience Practitioner for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. A member of Cloverleaf Baptist Church and American Legion Post 500, Henry also volunteers his services for local civic organizations and community projects.

Pitman worked alongside other rebels on the island, while simultaneously hatching plans to escape. He assembled a group of debtors–Wicker, Austin, Atkins and others–willing to risk their lives for freedom.

They traveled using an incorrect compass and ended up sailing to Grenada, where they waited for ships to pass by and provide transport back home. Two pirate vessels eventually docked nearby; their captains welcomed them as former Monmouth rebels and offered transport back home via Tortuga.

Net Worth

He has served as a magistrate judge since 1996 and presided over thousands of cases for pretrial proceedings, settlement negotiations and trial. His experience includes multidistrict antitrust litigations, securities fraud actions and COGSA litigation as well as wage and hour class action claims of various kinds.

He is an active member of Cloverleaf Baptist Church and American Legion Post 500, volunteering his services to assist homeless veterans and others who require assistance.

He has over three decades of experience developing and leading large support services and healthcare groups, as well as expertise in international expansion strategies. Additionally, he serves on the non-executive board for Tribal Group PLC – a global consultancy and outsourcing services company – and chairs Outside Clinic which provides eye and hearing tests directly into older people’s homes.

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