Henry Lanham

Henry Lanham

Henry Lanham is a retired police officer and ceremonial guard. Throughout his career he has carried caskets for dignitaries at Blair House and the White House while standing watch as their ceremonial guard. Additionally he worked as both K-9 serviceman and detective.

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Early Life and Education

Henry Lanham was born in Charleston, West Virginia and attended high school before enlisting in the US Marine Corps for four years as part of its ceremonial guard. While serving there he carried caskets for dignitaries such as President Kennedy. Additionally he worked as a master patrolman, detective, and K-9 service member within Washington DC police department.

He was an incredibly hardworking individual who valued cultivating relationships with those who could assist him. Finding people willing to collaborate, lend expertise, and share knowledge was essential in his success; thus he always gave back when needed and helped those less fortunate than himself. Furthermore, he enjoyed spending time with his family and took great pleasure in caring for their pets.

Professional Career

Henry Carlton Lanham is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Texas and has extensive experience managing all facets of real estate law, from residential and commercial property acquisition to estate, gift, generation-skipping and charitable giving planning.

He has successfully tried over 95 cases to verdict in state and federal courts, as well as various mediations, arbitrations, Early Neutral Evaluations and Special Master appointments. Additionally, he serves on several Boards as well as authoring articles for several seminars, CLE presentations and firm retreats on a national basis.

Henry is a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group and advises clients on an array of transactional matters. His clients include owners, operators, developers, borrowers, lenders and lenders in complex transactions as well as complex litigation and intellectual property cases relating to patent litigation.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Lanham is an esteemed ornithologist, wildlife biologist, author, poet and environmentalist / social justice advocate renowned for his groundbreaking work as an ornithologist / wildlife biologist / author / poet as well as being recognized with many awards & honors including an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Clemson University and receiving the Light, Leadership & Legacy Award from Oklahoma Jewish Foundation for his contributions.

Lanham has not only shown remarkable philanthropic efforts but has also served in the military, serving in the Ceremonial Guard at Blair House and White House; also working as a former police officer as patrolman, detective, K-9 serviceman, S.W.A.T team member as well as being inducted into Oklahoma University College of Law’s Order of the Owl Society.

Personal Life

Henry Lanham was an extraordinarily thoughtful and selfless individual. He deeply valued his family and friends, always being there when needed and willing to do anything he could for them. Henry was a loving father and husband with an engaging personality – all will miss him dearly.

He was born on a particular month day in West Virginia to Oscar Odell Lanham and Lula Lanhan (nee Boggess), having three siblings: Woodrow Lanham, Rexie Lanham, and two additional siblings.

He married Eliza J. Lanham (nee Dodson). She was born in 1909 in Round Hill, Virginia. Bettie Lanham and Bonnie Jo Blair are their offspring; in total there were four other children as well. He died on February 1, 1977 in West Virginia.

Net Worth

Henry Lanham reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of US $3 Million. A former professional tennis player, Lanham earned millions playing tennis – hailing from Lanham Maryland.

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