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Henry Ford Honors Program

The HENRY HF10 effectively removes microscopic particles from heating and cooling circuits without disrupting their operation, while its hydrodynamic bypass filters clean and clear water into storage reservoirs.

HF10 is an FDA-approved spinal cord stimulator (SCS) therapy to address chronic back and leg pain, proven effective by six peer-reviewed clinical studies to reduce or eliminate opioid usage in over 65% of cases.

Early Life and Education

As a political journalist, Henry continued his writing with verve and became fascinated with history as an academic discipline. Henry became particularly fascinated with writing biographies of prominent historical figures such as John Randolph who served in Congress and Senator during Adams administration and played an integral part in States Rights struggle leading up to Civil War. He became proficient at crafting such pieces.

He wrote extensively on medieval history, exploring how scientific methods could be applied to its study. Ruth joined him in this pursuit.

HENRY is designed to quickly and efficiently filter grained to microfleine particles out of heating and cooling water circuits without disrupting their operations, and to stop premature corrosion products accumulating during use or plant operation. A full filter process using all three filter levels typically lasts 3-6 weeks.

Professional Career

The Henry HF10 water filter is an industrial water filtration device intended to prevent staining caused by accumulations and premature erosion/abrasion (Abrasion). This filter uses hydrodynamic bypass filtration technology to extract microfine particles from heating and cooling circuits without interrupting operations, producing clean drinking water free of pollutants such as TCP/NCEs. A full cycle (all three Filterstufen) usually lasts from three weeks up to six. Intended for facilities ranging between 100L to 1500L capacities it works in three filter stages depending on contamination degrees to filter impurities such as iron/phosphates/sulphides etc.

Achievement and Honors

The Henry Ford College Honors Program equips students with the tools and characteristics they need for academic, personal and professional success in life. Henry had an immense impact on English culture – his patronage supported art, music, literature and architecture flourishing under his stewardship; transformed the navy from ships that carried soldiers boarding enemy vessels for battle to sleek fast ships equipped with heavy cannons that could blow through entire fleets; founded the American Association of Journalists which provided career opportunities to many future journalists – such as many future journalists that hailing from America today.

Henry was honored with the Spirit of the Springs Lifetime Achievement Award during our 2015 State of the City event and we are deeply appreciative to count him among our friends, mentors and colleagues.

Personal Life

The Military Henry Farman biplane used in French military competitions is now on display at the Musee de l’air. First constructed for Concours Militaire de Rheims in 1911, its unique side view and extreme stagger made it a great success, becoming popular with French pilots during several military competitions in early 1920s as it won them all (French Military Competitions included), serving in World War 1 as well as becoming its last remaining aircraft type today – only one remains today!

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