Henry Gruno

Henry Gruno, a Mississippi Veteran Affairs Cemetery Director, Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

WLBT has learned the former director of Mississippi Veterans Affairs cemetery in Newton County pleaded guilty last month to embezzlement. State Auditor Shad White says Henry Gruno used credit and fuel cards for personal purchases such as gas, toys and luggage using MSVA funds.

He allegedly made purchases far away from the cemetery on days when grounds equipment wasn’t operational.

Early Life and Education

Gruno was raised in rural Kansas as the son of a cattle rancher. While in high school, he began experimenting with corn hybrids to produce an abundance of bushels per acre. Later, in competitions where judges assessed corn ears based on appearance alone, Gruno discovered there was no correlation between appearance and yield.

He was arrested and presented with a demand letter totaling $29,818 including interest and investigative expenses. He will serve two years of incarceration followed by five years probation; as part of this repayment obligation he must also make over $30,000 worth of payments in restitution and fees.

Professional Career

Gruno is an accomplished and knowledgeable telecom professional with more than two decades of experience working in telecom. He possesses substantial expertise in designing, engineering and building large fiber optic networks.

He possesses an astute business mind and excels at finding solutions to business problems. Additionally, he excels at devising innovative business strategies that bring results for his clients.

As well as his musical career, he is an accomplished tennis pro who has taught juniors at clubs in Missouri, Illinois and Northeastern United States. Additionally, his touring musician experience can help translate onto the tennis court; lessons gleaned while performing translate directly onto it as well. Above all else he emphasizes discipline and finding solutions; there’s always one out there he insists.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Gruno was a general in the Hessian army and one of the commanders during the Polish campaign of 1732-1735. In addition to fighting Crimean Tatars and Turks during this timeframe, Henry maintained good relations with Empress Elizabeth of Russia who awarded him with both a field marshal title as well as housing arrangements both in Moscow and Livonia.

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State Auditor Shad White alleges that former Director of Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Newton, Robert Gruno used public funds from his office for personal expenditures such as fuel purchases and purchasing toys or luggage; as a result of these actions he was ordered to pay over $30,000 in restitution fees and costs.

Personal Life

Gruno is married and the parent of one child. In his personal life, he works at Covington & Burling LLP in New York as well as doing some pro bono legal work specializing in insurance recovery cases for client policyholders.

His passions also include music and computers – in fact he has recorded several songs under the stage name of Henry Green.

Unfortunately, in December of 2014 he went missing, last seen on surveillance footage at a local bar in Otisville. His parents have not given up hope and continue searching for him with the support of their community; yet even with all these searches taking place they still cannot locate their son.

Net Worth

Henry Gruno currently boasts a net worth estimated to be approximately $5 Million, having built it through teaching, authorship, entrepreneurship and trading Green Dot stock since 2003 – over 46 trades since then and now owning 10,000 units of its stock. He counts British novelist Anthony Powell among his friends and classes; they were classmates together at Cambridge.

He loves traveling and hopes to visit all 62 national parks someday, as well as reading and spending time with family and friends. Emilee, Adlee, and Maybree are his children with his wife; together they share Henry as their pet dog – plus Henry has made several television appearances as a dog!

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