Henry Grooms

Henry Grooms

Henry Grooms has worked with some of the premier fighters in professional boxing. He has helped them achieve success and achieve some of the sport’s most prestigious titles.

Groom of the Stool was responsible for more than just toileting duties; their duties also included overseeing those who tended the monarch in his private chambers, stocktaking all items within Privy Purse, as well as helping dress or undress him when necessary.

Early Life and Education

Henry Grooms was born on February 7, 1833 in Sunfish, Pike County, Ohio in the USA to Thomas Grooms a cordwainer and Maria Harkcom (nee Hartkom). After attending primary school he took up laboring on goldfields as an apprentice labourer.

Grooms attended Howard while taking odd jobs to support himself and his wife. Although at first leery of studying at a traditionally black university, he decided to commit himself fully. Grooms eventually graduated in engineering before joining Rockwell International – which would later merge into Boeing.

His humorous reinterpretations of classic works of art such as Unicorn Series and Picasso’s Guernica demonstrate his insight into the art world, while throughout his career he advocated giving back to his local community.

Professional Career

Henry Grooms is a civil and structural engineer for Rockwell International who specializes in aerospace projects like Space Shuttle and Apollo programs. Additionally, Henry is well known for his dedication to community programs that foster youth achievement.

William Diaco has served as a personal trainer to boxers such as Olympic gold medalist Henry Tillman from 1984, currently teaching classes at Adams, Blackwell & Diaco gym in Tampa.

As Groom of the Stool, Henry had access to King William III’s private chambers where he would monitor his jewels and bowel movements for royal physician. This position offered many perks such as hand-me-down clothes or managing the monarch’s stamp (essentially their signature). As such, an intimate bond formed between Henry and his Groom.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Grooms has earned international renown as an engineer due to his contributions on Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle programs. Additionally, he has participated in community programs which promote education and student success; coaching youth soccer and basketball teams and mentoring young students during his free time is among many of his passions.

He holds membership with Kappa Alpha Psi, the black fraternity, and Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society. Rockwell International recognized him with their Engineer of the Year Award while National Society of Black Engineers honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

The ACT Rising Star award recognizes theatre practitioners at early stages in their careers or who have demonstrated renewed dedication to community theater. Nominations for Art Rouse, Mario Pitocco and Roger Grooms awards come from member groups who can nominate up to one person each year.

Personal Life

Grooms is a married father of four. In addition, he is involved with community programs that promote youth achievement. According to Contemporary Black Biography, he was one of the founding members of Project REACH – an organization providing financial and academic support for college degrees students – as well as being an active Boy Scout leader and youth basketball and soccer coach.

As much as he initially had reservations about attending Howard, his experiences there made him realize its importance and role in cultivating black pride and achievement. After earning his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Howard, he went on to earn master’s and doctoral degrees at Carnegie Mellon. Since then he has become an acclaimed structural engineer and mentor.

Net Worth

Henry Grooms boasts a net worth of $20 million. He owns extensive holdings of stocks and real estate holdings as well as several companies in the technology sector, while also maintaining significant stakes in sports through ownership of Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals.

Grooms has long been an avid supporter of arts and culture. He founded Halcite, an advertising and PR firm which works to promote public spaces like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Pace Gallery.

He is the proud father of artist, actress, and writer Emily Grooms and lives in Manhattan with his wife Erica; they met while working together at Pace Gallery. Since then they have moved closer to The Met.

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