Henry Cordless

The Henry Cordless – A Review

If you have ever lived in a student flat or small-to-medium-sized home, chances are high that you have owned one or more Henry hoovers – they’re known for being efficient yet simple to operate.

With its bagged system designed to facilitate quick emptying and environmental friendliness, this machine is both quick and environmental. Furthermore, its onboard storage space for floor tools and wands makes rewinding batteries convenient and stress free.

Early Life and Education

The Henry Cordless is slightly shorter and doesn’t pack quite as much power, yet still offers ample suction power. Plus, its compact shape means it won’t get caught on doors like long cylinder vacuum cleaners can.

Henry is an accidental icon of British design and manufacturing, recognized by plumbers, princes (Charles and Diana received one as wedding presents), plumbers and ordinary families alike.

Duncan’s modesty permeates Numatic, which does not use PR agencies and manufactures all its products in Chard, Somerset. Recently he brought Emma McDonagh from IBM into the board; her experience will help streamline production while making Numatic more sustainable.

Professional Career

Henry has become a household name, helping families clean up after children, pets and workmates. Though somewhat robotic in appearance and with occasional toppling issues, he remains reliable and cost-effective – even boasting his own Facebook page and even appearing in movies!

Numatic’s other products include cleaning trolleys and rotary floor scrubbers, but the company specializes in home products. Customers of the company don’t just include people living in flats; they rent them out to building sites and schools as well.

Henry can do everything, from collecting crumbs behind the sofa to taking on big jobs like carpet shampooing. Their latest model, Henry Cordless, offers enough runtime for whole house cleaning as well as convenient on-board tool storage and uses bags with self-seal tabs for easier emptying and better filtering.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has amassed numerous accolades for his innovations, earning a strong reputation across the world for them. Alexander Graham Bell personally visited Henry in Australia to recognize his work. Additionally, Henry has received several honorary degrees.

Trustpilot reviews give Henry an overwhelmingly positive score, with most customers finding his cordless model extremely efficient, quiet, and convenient to use. Furthermore, its small size makes Henry easy to maneuver. It can fit easily in tight corners without getting tangled up like long cylinder vacuums do and its versatility means it can be used on both carpeted floors as well as hard flooring surfaces without leaving behind an untidy mess behind when emptying its dirt bag. Plus it even comes equipped with its own self-seal tab so users can dump out its contents quickly without leaving a mess behind!

Personal Life

Numatic attempted to discourage Henry being called a hoover (a term forbidden at company headquarters), yet Henry quickly earned himself a name as a hardy friend of tradesmen, permitting himself to be thrown down flights of stairs or dropped from first-floor windows without suffering damage. Henry now resides 10 minutes away from Chard plant eschewing yachts and flashy cars for more modest living; yet still sporting his trademark smile!

2015 saw the launch of a cordless version, similar to its predecessor in terms of feel and weight (3.2kg). For those suffering wrist problems it might be too top heavy, so other alternatives might be preferable. Unfortunately it also uses dust bags (26 of them are included) rather than reusable bin liners – something not everyone will appreciate.

Net Worth

This popular cylinder vacuum in the UK boasts an enthusiastic following. From everyday cleaning, pet hairs, allergies and DIY to car valets and DIY projects; its popularity speaks for itself. Plus it was designed, tested and produced right here in Britain!

Cordless convenience with a powerful battery for the whole house and the ability to switch batteries mid-vacuuming are hallmarks of quality cordless vacuums, yet most other cordless models fail. A power boost switch makes for effortless dirt picking; and its 30 minute run time and 6L dust capacity put many other cordless vacuums to shame!

Numatic’s friendly face and pleasing design is a favorite with customers, while their innovative ‘bag in pod’ system will likely divide opinion but can significantly reduce dust clouds when emptying, thus decreasing waste production and minimising environmental impact. Plus they store all necessary tools – flexible hose, floor tool, compact stiff upholstery brush and crevice tool all conveniently within.

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