Henry Bott

Henry Bott, President of Swire Properties in Downtown Miami

Henry Bott is now president of Swire Properties, which oversees Brickell City Centre – a commercial, residential and restaurant complex in Miami’s downtown core – having succeeded Kieran Bowers who will return home with his family.

Bott made notable contributions to topology and number theory through his development of Nevanlinna theory, which extends Picard’s theorem by adding cohomology to smooth (k)-forms on complex manifolds.

Early Life and Education

Bott earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at McGill before going on to earn a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in 1949, which led him to accept an appointment teaching mathematics at the University of Michigan as well as becoming a Fellow at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study – two experiences which would dramatically alter his life and career path.

He met leading figures like Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and Hermann Weyl – refugees from Nazi Germany themselves – who introduced him to topology; an area that opened up an incredible array of mathematical inquiry.

Bott made many groundbreaking contributions to mathematical research, including his periodicity theorem, Morse function and foliations methods. Additionally, he helped physicists reconcile general and quantum relativity theories by devising methods to aid their work.

Professional Career

Henry Bott is well known to global real estate firm Swire Properties, whose projects in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood include building skyscrapers. Swire also spearheaded the 2.5 million square-foot Brickell City Centre mixed-use development which has completely transformed this once sleepy neighborhood into a bustling business district.

Bott has been with Swire Properties US for more than 10 years and most recently took on the position of president, taking over from Kieran Bowers who returned home and decided to step down. Before that she served as Swire Properties Vietnam representative.

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Achievement and Honors

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Bott was best known for his work with Arnold S. Shapiro on representation theory of Lie groups via holomorphic sheaves and their cohomology groups; foliations; and the Bott periodicity theorem. Additionally, he introduced Bott-Samelson varieties and cannibalistic classes; also being one of the major figures in complex analytic manifold theory by creating complex analytic manifold theory and developing his Bott residue formula.

Personal Life

Henry Bott was born in England and immigrated with his family aboard the Amonique to Australia in 1860. His father worked both as a coachman and later in Spreyton coal mines of Tasmania.

He is best-known for his contributions to geometry in general and specifically, including his periodicity theorem and extension to Morse theory; Bott residue formula for complex manifolds; Bott-Samelson varieties and cannibalistic classes. Furthermore, he made significant contributions to representation theory via holomorphic sheaves and their cohomology groups, as well as in foliations theory.

Henry Bott is set to assume Kieran Bowers’ role as president of Miami-based Swire Properties beginning this month. Through this series, The Business Journal explores South Florida’s most intriguing figures in commercial real estate who influence our region’s landscape – dealmakers, game changers and larger than life characters who shape its skyline.

Net worth

Henry Bott is an experienced real estate veteran who recently took over Kieran Bowers as head of US operations for Swire Properties. This Hong Kong-based conglomerate, currently developing an ultratall tower in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, forms part of John Swire and Sons and was previously headed up by Bott as its representative in Vietnam – his worth reportedly surpassing $70 Million.

Our CRE Power Players series shines a spotlight on those at the forefront of commercial real estate who drive change, make deals happen and keep it interesting for all involved.

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