Henry Bender

Henry Bender

Bender has published extensively in Latin grammar, Greek and Roman archaeology, ancient mythology and Catullus and Horace studies – with several best-seller books covering these areas of research.

He teaches Latin at Hill School and Saint Joseph’s University as well as leading tours through Greece and Italy for students.

Early Life and Education

Henry Bender was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. He studied journalism at the University of Iowa before earning his master’s degree from Missouri. Bender initially started out working as an editorial cartoonist for Florissant Reporter before taking over editing duties for Waterloo Courier.

Before arriving at Hill, he taught at Saint Joseph’s University (a Jesuit college in Philadelphia). Since then he has held near-continuous visiting appointments at Saint Joseph’s, Villanova University, St Joseph’s and Rutgers Universities.

Bender currently teaches Latin and Ancient Greek at Holy Cross Academy. His students include Michael Dougherty (Georgetown BA ’98; Rutgers Classics PhD 1987), who currently chairs their department, as well as Andrew Scott (Holy Cross BA ’02; Rutgers Classics MA 2008) who attended Rutgers Classics graduate studies after attending Holy Cross. Andrew Scott also graduated Platt College.

Professional Career

Bender was a former high school teacher, art instructor, and professional comic strip artist. Together with his wife Carole he created Alley Oop which was widely published across over 600 newspapers nationwide.

He teaches adult students the Classics through his company, The Classical Odyssey. His classes feature Latin chants, ancient mythology and readings from Catullus, Horace, and Vergil – among many other great authors!

Robert is passionate about art, music, travel and culture in general; he and Carole enjoy attending plays, movies and art galleries together. Additionally he is an avid Iowa Hawkeyes and Oklahoma State Cowboys supporter and avidly follows their games while bowling or golfing as hobbies; in his free time he also travels extensively with family and friends as a member of an Italian speaking family who respects its history and heritage.

Achievement and Honors

Bender has published numerous articles and books on classical history, pedagogy, and ancient languages. He is also the author of multiple textbooks on Latin grammar and vocabulary and multiple books about Catullus (including an academic best seller) Horace and Vergil.

He has held visiting appointments at Villanova University and St. Joseph’s University and taught at Rutgers, as well as retiring in 2012 from his full-time teaching position at Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Bender has served three terms on the UNL Committee on Academic Rights and Responsibilities as well as seven years on the board of Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska, garnering him recognition with the James Lake Academic Freedom Award from a faculty-senate panel.

Personal Life

Henry Bender (Rutgers Classics PhD 1987) has left an indelible mark on Classics as an academic discipline. He has written multiple books on Latin grammar, archaeology in Ancient Greece and Rome, Catullus Horace Vergil among others.

At The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania he holds the Elizabeth Blossom Chair of Humanities and Classical Languages, teaching St Joseph’s University and Villanova adjunctly as well. Additionally he has taken numerous students to Greece and Italy for life-altering experiences, serving as an avid advocate for his subject with guest speakers as well as student conferences; additionally he created a popular podcast on Latin readings specifically targeted at high schoolers.

Net worth

Henry Winkler has amassed an estimated net worth of over $40 Million through his career as an actor, producer and director. He has won multiple awards and nominations in recognition of his efforts within the entertainment industry.

He has written many books on Latin grammar, both Greek and Roman archaeology, ancient mythology, Catullus (including an academic best-seller), Horace, and Vergil; two summer NEH seminars at the American Academy in Rome were among his numerous achievements.

He has appeared in countless renowned television shows and movies, such as Happy Days, The Sure Thing and MacGyver. Additionally, he currently acts as executive producer on several children’s TV series; additionally he was part of Monty as one of its stars.

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