Henry 444

History of Henry Eyring and the Henry 444

Henry 444 lever action rifles have long been the go-to choice of sportsmen and hunters who value tradition, reliability and accuracy of an authentic Henry. Graham Shirley ’81 attended VMI alongside Henry Shirley ’60; both brothers shared similar experiences while leaving different impressions with regards to applying their lessons learned there.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born and educated in England where he attended London’s Board Schools which pioneered comprehensive attempts to educate children from families of modest means. Henry completed high school but did not enroll in further academic pursuits afterward.

He traveled to America in order to develop his writing talents and professional career. While working as general secretary of the Religious Education Association, he displayed a kind of forceful leadership which enabled him to succeed at this job.

He invested in 12 publicly owned companies during his career and took particular pleasure in helping struggling businesses reach new levels. Additionally, he developed and maintained Tippie Ranch near Georgetown, Texas, while his charitable contributions supported Belle Plaine Iowa Community Library and Mansfield Tippie Airport as well as University of Iowa and Washburn College.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Eyring was an active participant in numerous national and international scientific organizations, so this section of his collection contains annual reports, bulletins, membership directories, correspondence, and any miscellaneous materials related to these organizations. Boxes 83 and 84 hold files containing correspondence and biographical details about Eyring’s most significant associates, serving on more than 40 international conference program committees and receiving nominations and awards such as the 1993 Henry Taub Prize; 2017 IEEE Computer Society Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award; 2022 W. Wallace McDowell Award which is their highest award given out by IEEE Computer Society.

Personal Life

Henry was an active participant in the Albany Dutch Church where he held many roles, such as church officer. Additionally, Henry was known for being an outstanding businessman and city councilman responsible for overseeing poor cases as well as being sealer of weights and measures in Albany.

Kiakis owned several properties, such as his Pacific Palisades home at 444 Ocampo Drive which became a hub of activity as it was frequented by friends and celebrities alike – Kiakis documented many of these encounters in his journal.

Some of Miller’s entries were comical; others showed more turbulent aspects of his personality, such as when he became frustrated at Hoki Tokuda for hosting young Japanese women in his upstairs rooms.

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