Hearth And Hand Magnolia Tree Skirt

Hearth and Hand Magnolia Tree Skirt

Adding a fun Christmas tree skirt to your tree will make it seem more whimsical. Choose one that is embroidered with a favorite holiday image or a whimsical design.

Reversible Embroidered Tree Skirt

Whether you are looking to adorn your tree or just looking to get the family in the holiday spirit, this is one tree skirt you won’t be disappointed with. Designed in solid green and soft acrylic, this tree skirt boasts the best of both worlds. A solid lining keeps sap from leaking onto the floor and the snap-on closure keeps the baubles in place.

The Reversible Embroidered Hearth and Hand Magnolia Tree Skirt is a great way to make your tree sparkle for years to come. Its all-over pattern of embroidered red stars with navy background is a showstopper, as well as being a breeze to install. The best part is you don’t have to remove it to change up your holiday decor. The only caveat is you’ll be dripping sap if you get the wrong tree.

The aforementioned reversible embroidered tree skirt is available in sizes ranging from standard to extra-large. In addition to the all-important lining, you’ll also have a new tree to decorate, thanks to the aforementioned clever lining.

Christmas tree skirts add a whimsical touch

Whether you’re looking to give your Christmas tree a fresh new look or want to give your stoop a whimsy-filled ambiance, Target has a wide variety of Christmas tree decorations to add a touch of whimsy to your home.

Using a tree collar to tie together your tree decor is a simple and chic way to dress up your tree. A tree collar is a great alternative to the traditional tree skirt and instantly transforms your tree setup.

Using a natural woven basket for your tree is a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to your Christmas tree without spending a fortune. The neutral color of the basket makes it easy to coordinate with any other Christmas decorations.

Another option is to add a faux fur tree skirt to your tree. This will make your tree feel cozy and add texture to your decor. You can also use wine bottles to dress up your tree. You can paint them any color or add ornaments, fairy lights, and foil. These bottles can also be used as candle holders.

Another fun way to decorate your tree is to use a ribbon cascade. This will add a festive touch to your tree and add a beautiful backdrop for your presents. A tree topper is also a great option. If you have the time, a local florist can make one for you for very little money.

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