Hassen George

Hassen George

George Hassen is a renowned author, speaker and consultant. He is an expert in the field of hybrid work and leadership, and has been quoted and featured in numerous media outlets.

George’s law practice focuses on medical malpractice, product liability, civil rights and other litigation matters. He is a member of the Academy of Trial Lawyers and a Fellow in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Early Life and Education

George was born in 1808 in the village of Tsourchli in what is now Grevena Prefecture, Greece. His parents were poor and his education was limited.

Hassan moved to Ioannina when he was young and worked as a laborer for the Turks. He continued to follow his Christian beliefs despite the tyranny of the Turkish government.

The Greek Orthodox Church venerates George and commemorates him on January 17. He is the patron saint of Aragon, Spain.

In India, the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church and Malankara Orthodox Church also venerate him. The main pilgrim centers are in the Kottayam district (Aruvithura and Puthuppally), and Alappuzha.

Professional Career

Throughout his professional career, Hassen george has earned several accolades. He is the first in the family to earn a bachelor’s degree, and he’s also the youngest to hold an executive position at George’s. In the past couple of years, he’s been credited with creating a new division at George that focuses on the company’s poultry operations and marketing efforts. In a recent interview, Hassen emphasized his pride in leading the charge on a number of initiatives that have made George more efficient and effective.

As for his personal life, Hassen says he’s most proud of being able to make a difference in the lives of others at George. He attributes his philanthropy to the company’s unique culture, where everyone is valued and has a stake in its success.

Achievements and Honors

One of the most rewarding aspects of his career was the opportunity to interact with some of the greatest minds in the field. He was lucky enough to partake in some high level discussions with luminaries such as Robert Langer, Richard Meier, and Thomas Dille. This would not have been possible without the generosity of his employers, namely the Federal Government of Canada. His other notable achievements include a number of awards for his contributions to the geosciences including the prestigious Order of the British Empire (OBE) and the OBE emeritus award. The most gratifying was his acceptance into the Canadian Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, a highly regarded and selective organization that he will continue to hold close to heart.

His other most prized possession was the OBE award, which he still holds in perpetuity. He was also a proud alumni of the University of Toronto where he held the title of Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology.

Personal Life

Victor George Hassen was born in 1891 at Bathurst, New South Wales. He was the son of Samuel Hassen and Georgina (Gina) Anderson.

He was one of three brothers who served in the Great War. The 1919 Electoral Roll records that Victor lived at 77 Alexandra Street, West Footscray.

After enlisting, Private Hassen joined the 38th Battalion and was sent to France. They were in the front lines at Armentieres until 10 December 1916.

He was convicted of Absent Without Leave and fined 20 days pay. He was also subjected to a Field General Court Marshall later that month.

Net Worth

Hassen George is a famous host and journalist who has a net worth of $61.5 Million. He has a significant amount of money in the form of AMGEN stock. He owns 61,576 shares of AMGEN stock and makes $343,614 as an Independent Director of the company. He has made several trades of AMGEN stock over the years. The largest trade was exercising 62,189 shares of AMGEN stock on 13 March 2021 for $14,608,196.

Hassen has a large number of followers on social media and has an active blog on his website. He also hosts a weekly show on MSNBC called The Mehdi Hasan Show. He is a regular guest on shows like All In with Chris Hayes, The Rachel Maddow Show, The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

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