Hassan Thomas

Hassan Thomas

Hassan Thomas is the creator of FYI FLI, an organization designed to assist millennials in building healthier financial relationships. He believes it’s never too late to break generational poverty cycles through wise financial choices and secure your future through sound investment practices.

Thomas currently plays basketball for Sampaense in Portugal and is known for his defensive abilities and follow-through.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Edward Hassan was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. He received his education at Brown University, Providence Rhode Island where he earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in education. Following that he joined Phillips Exeter Academy’s faculty as director of college counseling (1989) and later dean of admissions (1994), teaching mathematics as well as junior studies classes during this time.

He was married to former New Hampshire governor and US senator Maggie Hassan of Boston origin, a lifelong Democrat and passionate advocate for fiscal responsibility, affordable higher education, and women’s reproductive rights protection. A vocal critic of Republican President Donald Trump and voted in 2024 against obstruction of justice charges brought against him, she also served on the Democratic National Committee until her departure in 2024.

Professional Career

He is an accomplished professional with more than three decades of experience across various industries. Currently he heads IT risk and compliance at Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. An adept leader, he places great importance on customer-centricity while streamlining processes for efficient performance – not to mention consistent training to build and expand his team.

Maggie Hassan, of New Hampshire, is a Democratic U.S senator serving since 2016, following her victory in an election between Kelly Ayotte (Republican) and herself (Democrat). Her platform entails fiscal responsibility, affordable higher education and reproductive rights.

Hodan Hassan is an accomplished fundraising executive and serves as Morehouse College’s chief development strategist, where she is accountable for increasing national philanthropic support as well as closing major gifts that support its research and discovery activities.

Achievement and Honors

Hassan Thomas made a crucial dunk that helped Saigon defeat Singapore and advance into the playoffs. A versatile player with energy and defensive acumen, Hassan can play all five positions on the court and boasts experience from playing in both Portugal and America.

Mr. Saeedi has dedicated himself to developing targeted immunotherapy for mesothelioma patients using mesothelin targeted therapies, including developing an antibody directed against this protein (Amatuximab). Furthermore, his team has created mesothelin antibody drug conjugates that penetrate cancerous cells and kill them off effectively.

He currently serves as Phillips Exeter Academy’s 14th Principal and is married to New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. Additionally, he has held various roles within the school such as director of college counseling and dean of admissions.

Personal Life

Thomas Edward Hassan, an educator from Massachusetts and husband to New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, holds a master’s and doctoral degrees from Harvard. During his education career he served as college counselor, dean of admissions, mathematics instructor and dorm affiliate before also offering advice to student organizations.

He currently serves as president of School Year Abroad, along with Maggie. They share a son named Ben who suffers from cerebral palsy – which she credits as having motivated her to join politics.

They met at Brown University where he served as Assistant Dean of Freshmen and she as Financial Aid Officer. They married in 1983 and lived together while he earned his Ph.D.

Net Worth

An individual’s net worth provides a snapshot of their current financial status at any given moment in time, providing insight into how your situation has changed over time and planning for the future.

Negative net worth doesn’t necessarily signal bankruptcy; for instance, having too much invested in stocks could result in a negative net worth if its price takes a dive.

Jarrod Schulz is one of the most recognizable faces on Storage Wars with an impressive $2 Million net worth. A businessman by trade, Jarrod possesses vast knowledge when it comes to finding valuable items hidden away in storage units and has even appeared on several episodes of Pawn Stars.

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