Harry Cheats On Meghan

Rumors That Prince Harry Cheated on Meghan Markle Revealed

While there is no concrete evidence that Prince Harry cheated on his wife Meghan Markle, there are plenty of rumors. One comes from a close friend of the queen consort, Camilla Parker Bowles. Another is from InTouch magazine. Both of these publications claim that a photo of Harry and a mystery blonde was circulating online. While the photo is obviously innocent, InTouch claims that it reveals a shocking secret about the royal’s past.

This supposedly important news came courtesy of an acquaintance of Harry’s who revealed that he had seen the couple together. He also added that the pair had seen each other for a while. However, he didn’t provide any additional details, other than to say that the two met at a private party.

Interestingly, this article is accompanied by a picture of the couple at a polo match. The photo is very similar to the one that was circulating online. But InTouch is quick to point out that it’s a reconstructed image.

Moreover, the article says that Prince Harry was in a relationship with a model named Sarah Ann Macklin while he was dating Meghan. This allegedly reveals that he isn’t as clean-living as he seems to be. In fact, according to this magazine, he was a bit of a rogue. He had an affair while he was with Markle, and he was very much in touch with the woman. The publication also claims that the rumored romance began after the couple met at a private party.

There have been many articles that have been circulating about this alleged affair, but the InTouch article is the only one that has been able to give us the facts. The magazine also claims that the couple has already moved to the United States. This may be a reason why the rumor hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

The story goes back to the early days of their relationship. It’s a reconstructed event that was outlined in an obscure biography called “Harry: Conversations with the Prince.” The book was written by Angela Levin, a court biographer who is a very close friend of Camilla. She also claims that the betrayal was more than a mere fling.

In addition to her career as a model, Macklin is an influencer and nutritionist. She has also taken to social media to share healthy lifestyle tips with her followers. While she isn’t the most well-known member of the royal family, she has a large fan base.

As for the rumors that Harry cheated on his wife, these rumors are very unlikely. While it’s possible that he did, it’s even more unlikely that he went on a rampage with her. He was probably perplexed that his new girlfriend was still with him, and he’d have been frightened by her sudden disappearance. He’d have had to start looking for her. In any case, this isn’t the first time that he’s been accused of cheating.

Regardless, the rumors are a reminder to all that there are some things you can’t take for granted. That’s why it’s a good idea to be vigilant, no matter how glamorous your life seems.

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