Halloween Decorations From The 90s

Halloween Decorations From the 90s

Regardless of whether you’re an 80s fanatic, or you just like to decorate your house with items that aren’t necessarily related to Halloween, you’ll be happy to know that you can get some awesome Halloween decorations from the 90s. There are candles that look like a skull, crow, and spider; neon garlands; and glass bottles with Boney fellas and Hocus Pocus-themed decorations.

Glass bottle

Whether you’re looking to decorate your Halloween display or are in the market for a few inexpensive Halloween decorations, you may want to consider glass bottle Halloween decorations. These little gems can be a great addition to your display, and come in a variety of colors and designs. They aren’t just for Halloween, either – they’re a great way to add a touch of festive fun to any room of your home.

Glass bottle Halloween decorations can be as simple as a few stickers or can be elaborate – you could even transform your bottle into a tiny wine bottle. Some of these gizmos are made of glass, while others are made from recycled bottles.

Neon garlands

’90s fans are reminiscing about the good old days of neon garlands and other ’90s style essentials. There are several different neon Halloween decorations to choose from. These include trash bags and garlands. You can use trash bags to make spider decorations and other spooky Halloween home decor. These decorations are inexpensive and quick to put up.

Neon glow party garlands are an inexpensive way to make your party look great. They are made from sturdy fluorescent poster board and strong quality thread. They can be used with a black light for a fun and bright party. You can hang these garland lights in different areas of your party. They have a high glow power and will transform your room into a magical glow party.

Candles with a skull, crow, and spider

Getting a candle with a skull, crow, and spider is a fun way to decorate your home for the spooky season. The best thing about these eerie little candles is that you can place them anywhere you please. They are also safe to use around children. They are made from high quality unscented real paraffin wax in cream color. They also feature no drip wax, a snazzy spider web, and a clever battery operated system.

One of the best features of these candles is that they are actually tested before they ship. They are made to be safe for kids and adults alike. They also come with 3 Halloween themed decals to make decorating a breeze.


During the ’90s, Halloween night was a magical time. You could get dressed up as your favorite character from a movie or television show, and go trick-or-treating all night. Halloween decorations included pumpkins, skeletons, and witches. If you are looking to decorate your home or school for Halloween, check out these decorating ideas from the 90s.

Full-sized candy bars were a popular Halloween treat. You could buy them from any store, and they were less expensive and more fun than the smaller treats. The candy bars would come in a variety of flavors, including peanut butter, chocolate, and orange sherbet. You could also buy a few packs to share with friends.

Hocus Pocus

During the 90s there were a plethora of fun Halloween decorations. There were also some notable Halloween movies and TV episodes that made a splash. Some of the better known TV shows of the time included Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Home Improvement. The Drew Carey Show also made a splash with some fun Halloween episodes. There were also a couple of notable Halloween costume trends during the 90s, such as the Power Rangers and McDonald’s Happy Meal buckets. This list of the best Halloween decorations from the 90s will have you planning your own Halloween decor in no time.

If you want to impress your guests this Halloween, try implementing one of these 90s Halloween decorations.

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