Greenwich Cars And Coffee

Greenwich Cars and Coffee Gets a New Logo and More Sponsors

Whether you’re a resident of Greenwich or just a visitor, chances are you’ve heard of the local car meetup, Greenwich Cars & Coffee. The annual event has garnered a respectable amount of social media attention over the past few years. In fact, last November’s meetup drew in more than 150 attendees, and the organizers are hoping to bolster that total this upcoming weekend.

While it’s still too early to tell for sure, the meet has a bright future. One of the organizers, Sebass Dostmann, has received approval from the town board to shut down a portion of Greenwich Avenue on four Sundays during the spring and summer. He plans to turn the formerly drab pedestrian mall into a high energy showcase for the motoring public. On top of that, he’s got some slick new sponsors lined up, including the Coffee Cafe Roasters and Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, two companies with plenty of resources for sourcing the right blend of caffeine. As for the meet itself, the organizers have no plans to charge admission, so you can bring your best riding buddy for the free ride of your life. Aside from free coffee, a few other goodies will be on display, including a new line of swag courtesy of Miller, the most well-dressed and stylish cars in the neighborhood. Hopefully, that will all add up to a good time for everyone, including those who didn’t go all out.

Earlier this month, the organizers rolled out a new logo for their burgeoning business. It’s a clear move, and the event has gained some serious momentum in a short period of time. They’ve also got some big names lined up to sponsor the event, including Hagerty, who has pledged to make a large donation to the local community in return for a shot at the limelight.

While there’s no guarantee that the organizers will pull off their first run of Cars & Coffee events, the meet has a great chance at a stellar 2017 and that’s all the more reason to get your fix early. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or the hot rods and muscle cars, you’ll find something for everyone. From a slew of high-end luxury cars to a plethora of hot rods, the show is a must-attend for anyone with a passion for automobiles.

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