Georgie Karusky

Georgie Karusky – A Senior at Archbishop Ryan High School

Georgie Karusky, a senior at Archbishop Ryan High School, tragically passed away due to meningitis on March 28. This loss has devastated his family, friends and the entire community.

He was an incredible athlete and friend, loving everyone he played with like they were part of his family. His loyalty, compassion, and infectious smile kept them all laughing and contented.

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Professional Career

George Karusky was an exceptional student despite his relatively short stature. He excelled in multiple subjects and had a knack for music as well. Furthermore, he was proud to be part of Archbishop Ryan’s varsity football team.

Georgie was a bright and thoughtful young man, deserving of life’s greatest blessings. He was an exemplary friend, loving family man, savvy businessman and generous philanthropist – qualities which will be greatly missed by those close to him.

Here we share a poignant reminder of George’s many wonderful memories and experiences with his beloved family and friends. Sadly, on April 23rd 2020, George passed away suddenly from meningitis; taking away his precious memories and leaving him feeling less than his usual self.

Achievements and Honors

George Karusky, as we all knew him, was an extraordinary young man. He grew up in Northeast Philadelphia as the only child of George Karusky III and Lori-Ann Karusky (Knecht). George stood as a strong, independent king; courageous; caring; an outstanding individual who will be greatly missed by all.

He was an immensely proud senior at Archbishop Ryan High School, where he excelled in three sports. As an all-star kicker for the football team and winner of the top league’s “Sportsmanship Award”, his memory will live on at Ryan where his schoolmates came together to honor him with a 5K run/walk that was an enormous success – you can learn more about this event or donate towards it by visiting GK4 Memorial Foundation’s website.

Personal Life

Georgie Karusky III was the only child of George Karusky III and Lori-Ann Karusky (Knecht) in Northeast Philadelphia, but tragically his mother passed away when he was ten years old – leaving both him and his father grieving.

He was a loyal, loving, kind and caring individual with an infectious laugh that brightened everyone around him. Through sports he made many friends and gained notoriety as someone who truly cared about others.

At the end of his senior year, Georgie earned Second-Team All-Catholic honors on the soccer team and received a sportsmanship award from the league. On the football team he also excelled, earning both the Robert Franiak award for sportsmanship and becoming an all-star kicker/punter. A proud Raider, Georgie loved being part of Archbishop Ryan High School.

Net Worth

George Karusky was born and raised in the Northeast Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania as the only child of George Karusky III and Lori-Ann Karusky (Knecht). When George was ten years old, his parents passed away suddenly, leaving him feeling very alone. Thus, he had to grow up on his own while developing an incredible bond with his dad and other family members until one day George fell ill and passed away suddenly at 18 years old – leaving a devastating legacy behind for those close to him including Archbishop Ryan High School itself and Archbishop Ryan High School itself.

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