Georges Spiro

Georges Spiro

Georges Spiro (1909-1994) was a French Surrealist artist renowned for his still life, figure and landscape paintings. He displayed his artwork throughout France, Germany and the United States.

He served as national president of Local 600 after its merger and had the remarkable ability to bring together leaders from all regions with his warmth and good will. Throughout his tenure, he broke new ground for the Local and established union power with IATSE.

Early Life and Education

Georges Spiro was born in Warsaw, Poland on August 10, 1909. After moving to Nice, France in 1942, he pursued a career as both designer and artist. His early works were heavily influenced by surrealism.

After World War II, he joined the French army and became a citizen. In 1946, he was separated from his wife and mother (both died in concentration camps) as he searched for his brother who had fled to England.

Spiro was self-taught and passionate about surrealist aesthetics. His works have been displayed internationally in France, Germany, England and the United States; many museums worldwide feature them. Spiro’s paintings feature dreamlike imagery with strong surrealist influences rendered in gouache medium. In his later years he enjoyed reading novels and solving crossword puzzles for fun.

Professional Career

Georges Spiro was an award-winning Surrealist painter whose works were showcased throughout Germany, France and the United States. He was renowned for his still lifes, figures and landscape paintings.

He is an accomplished TV writer, with several pilots sold and a feature film in production. He was featured on NBC’s Writers on the Verge program as well as writing episodes for Arrow and Grimm.

He was a graduate student at Stanford University when he joined the Seismic Tomography Project under Jerry Harris’ tutelage. During these early years, Spyros explored various research topics such as seismic anisotropy and developing Gaussian beam migration algorithms. In 1997 he earned himself the Clarence Karcher Award for his groundbreaking contributions to crosswell seismology.

Achievements and Honors

The legendary cinematographer was a founding member of the International Cinematographers Guild and served as its president after merger. Throughout his 48-year career, he earned five Emmy Awards and was nominated 12 times.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, he was an illustrious military veteran who earned numerous honors. For his service in the American Legion, Legionnaire’s Gold Medal and Army Commendation Medal were presented to him.

He was an influential figure within the American Society of Cinematographers, serving as its president and championing its education and outreach initiatives. Survived by his wife of 69 years, Zampia; daughters Sophia Stark and Constance Bassett; he will be greatly missed.

Personal Life

Georges Spiro was a Surrealist painter renowned for his landscape, still life and figure paintings which he displayed throughout Europe, particularly London, France, Switzerland and Germany.

He was born in Berlin during the Nuremberg Laws era and immigrated to Israel after World War II. While studying at University of Haifa, he earned his Master’s degree.

In 1967 he joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a reservist.

Spiro was an accomplished political activist and columnist for several Israeli newspapers. He campaigned against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction throughout the Middle East, and is now working as an independent political blogger.

Spiro has several political allies, such as the Mapam party and Haredim who share his opposition to military service for religious reasons. Additionally, he is a member of the Association for Civil Rights.

Net Worth

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Georges Spiro’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.4 billion. He owns several companies, such as Kaiser-Francis Oil and two pipeline systems; additionally, he holds majority ownership in BOK Financial and most of Excelerate Energy.

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