Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky was a Russian engineer, scientist, author and inventor renowned for his pioneering work in vibration therapy as well as research into electromagnetic, acoustic and electromechanical waves.

He believed that all life forms are composed of intricate systems of oscillating circuits whose behavior is affected by external electromagnetic energy. He sought to restore this balance within cells and increase their resistance to disease through amplifying these frequencies from outside sources.

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Georges Lakhovsky was a Russian scientist renowned for his theories of electrical oscillations and cosmic waves. He held that humans, animals, and all living things are composed of intricate circuits which control their behavior when in balance, or become out of balance.

Professional Career

Georges Lakhovsky had a distinguished professional career that encompassed many areas. As both a physician and philosopher, his philosophy stressed the importance of maintaining balance on all levels for optimal health.

He was an innovator in vibrational medicine. His theory proposed that cells emit electromagnetic waves similar to those radiated by stars, and these waves interact with our environment to cause life processes.

He developed the Multiple Wave Oscillator, which he used to treat various illnesses including cancer. As a result, he received widespread publicity and numerous renowned scientists expressed an interest in working together.

Achievements and Honors

Georges Lakhovsky was a Russian-French engineer, scientist, author and inventor renowned for his Multiple Wave Oscillator medical treatment invention.

Lakhovsky proposed that living cells emit and absorb electromagnetic radiations of their own high frequencies, similar to those emitted by stars. His theory suggested these cellular oscillations were responsible for both good health and illness.

He further asserted that bacteria, cancers and other pathogens had corrupted cellular oscillations by interfering with their natural functions. According to him, the Multi Wave Oscillator could restore these healthy natural frequencies of these cellular oscillations in order to help heal diseased tissue.

Personal Life

George Lakhovsky was a Russian-French scientist renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to medicine. His discoveries focused on restoring life’s balance at the cellular level.

He realized that all living organisms are oscillating, and he proposed that if high frequencies from outside were transmitted to a cell, it could transform itself into a stronger and healthier version of itself.

His work and theories were influential to many renowned biologists and physicists in Europe, such as Dr. Caligaris of the Department of Neurology at Rome’s University and Dr. Attilj of San Spirito hospital in Rome.

George Lakhovsky’s discovery of the Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) revolutionized cancer therapy, and it became widely used throughout Europe to treat malignant growths and lesions. Unfortunately, World War II put an end to its widespread usage.

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