Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille – Philosopher

Georges Bataille was a French philosopher renowned for his often extreme writing. His ideas were informed by psychoanalysis, surrealism, Marxism and mysticism.

His philosophy emphasizes human desires for self-improvement and spirituality, while simultaneously calling attention to socially imposed limits on rational thought.

Early Life and Education

George Berkeley was born in Dysert Castle, near Thomastown, Ireland as the son of William Berkeley and Elisabeth Southerne.

His upbringing was quite typical; he grew up on the family estate and received an excellent education.

His youth was filled with music and gymnastics; he also followed in his father’s footsteps as a sculptor.

However, during this period he began to show an interest in philosophy. He read various philosophers’ works and gained insight into their differing opinions on various topics.

He eventually chose philosophy as his profession and spent the following few years studying and writing about various subjects. Additionally, he traveled abroad to explore other cultures and countries. During this period of exploration, he composed several influential works such as The Sense of Beauty (1896), Interpretations of Poetry and Religion (1900) and The Life of Reason (1905-6) that remain influential today.

Professional Career

Philosophers typically pursue graduate school after completing their undergraduate education, in order to hone transferrable skills and specialize in a particular area of philosophy.

Depending on their specializations, academicians may find employment in academia; however, they also have opportunities in law, government, business, and social services.

Georges Bataille, a French philosopher and author renowned for his antisystematic writings, is best known for his fascination with the erotica, myth, sacrifice, excess, profanity, and heterogeneity. He also studied Nietzsche, Hegel, Freud and Blake’s poetry. In the 1920s and 1930s Bataille formed links with Paris’ surrealist movement as well as Marxism; however by mid-1930s this support had waned due to an increasing interest in Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Achievements and Honors

His many accomplishments included the development of his own system of philosophy. He held that everything exists within one’s mind.

He was an acclaimed philosopher of literature, sociology, and anthropology. Additionally, he was a poet and the author of numerous essays and novels.

He served as a professor of philosophy at Indiana University for over fifty years, earning numerous honors including the IU Provost’s Distinguished Teaching Award and numerous grants to further his research and teaching activities.

Personal Life

George Santayana was an eminent philosopher known for his versatility. He also earned distinction as an author, essayist, dramatist, educator and novelist.

His philosophy was unique in its embrace of an expansive range of historical perspectives, culminating in a groundbreaking form of materialism which advocates reconciling spirit and nature.

He was born in Madrid, Spain to Spanish parents and spent much of his youth abroad. In 1872 he immigrated to America where he spent four years on the Harvard faculty alongside William James and Josiah Royce. Upon retirement in 1912 he chose not to return home, opting instead for a comfortable life in Rome – an intelligent decision as he also served as a philanthropist.

Net Worth

George is among the world’s wealthiest philosophers, estimated at $5 million. He has amassed his fortune through his numerous philanthropic endeavors and from funds he owns.

He is renowned for his writing talents and has penned no less than 190 books, which have made a considerable contribution to his fortune and are among the best-selling works of all time.

He has founded numerous renowned philanthropic organizations renowned for their contributions to society. These include:

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