George Soros

Who is George Soros?

Presidents often lead hectic and demanding lives, which makes it no surprise that there are numerous health issues which could impact their wellbeing.

Hearing loss is a prevalent issue among our country’s Presidents. In fact, some of our most recent leaders such as Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter all wore hearing aids while in office.

Early Life and Education

George was a fortunate boy, growing up surrounded by his older brothers Jonathan and William as well as their wives. He lived during Virginia’s colonial heyday when stately manors and tame deer were common sights. Some historians suggest he and his brother may have learned how to plant, hunt, trap and ride in the woods from them – though one thing they likely didn’t learn in school was how to read or write.

He was an enthusiastic employee of the United States Postal Service for nearly 25 years, delivering mail with dedication and never forgetting his job or family. Now retired and living in the suburbs, his award winning entry for Kentucky state song of the year “Louisville Means More to Me” made headlines across Kentucky. Additionally, his name will forever remain immortalized on a plaque at Louisville deaf oral school (now Heuser Hearing & Language Academy), testament to his longtime dedication to this city he called home for nearly four decades.

Professional Career

He is a former National Football League (NFL) quarterback who played 14 seasons with seven different teams.

He played college football for the University of Illinois, earning him the Sammy Baugh Trophy and being selected first overall by the Indianapolis Colts in 1990. Additionally, he spent time playing for the Oakland Raiders.

George’s NFL career was filled with difficulties, and he never had a winning season. He became infamous for his frequent disagreements with coaches and managers as well as for being an avid gambler.

Achievements and Honors

George III reigned over Britain as it gained control of the oceans and defeated France in the Napoleonic Wars. Furthermore, King George became the first European monarch to systematic study science and open up his royal library to scholars for study.

George has made a lasting impact on the arts and community service throughout his career, earning him numerous awards, scholarships and honors for his efforts.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards honor students’ artistic accomplishments in visual and literary arts. Each submission is evaluated by a panel of esteemed arts professionals who look for originality, technical skill and the development of personal voice or vision. Gold Key works are automatically awarded National Medals; Silver Key pieces may receive regional awards.

Personal Life

George was one of six children born to a prosperous merchant navy captain and his wife, enjoying an exciting childhood. Like many in his generation, he adopted their business approach with enthusiasm and an eye for value. Despite all his best efforts, he still managed to pick up some mistresses along the way – most notably his current mistress. After that year was up, George embarked on new adventures with newfound fortune alongside numerous books and articles written throughout his long and storied career; furthering his interest in writing during which time as well as being generous with donations made towards worthy causes throughout this process.

Net Worth

George Soros’ net worth currently stands at $8 billion, having donated the majority of his fortune to his philanthropic organization Open Society Foundations. This organization works towards creating open and fair democracies around the world.

In addition to his financial success, Soros has also been an outspoken critic of the financial system and banks that were bailed out during the 2009 crisis. He believes these institutions did not act in the interests of their customers or shareholders and should instead have been nationalised or regulated.

Unfortunately, his wealth has suffered. Despite these setbacks, he remains one of the richest men in the world.

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