George Siddall

George Siddall

George Siddall was born on February 21st, 1933 to Reverend George Thomas Siddall and Dorothy Stanford (nee Siddall).

On September 1st in Monroe, Ohio, he passed away. Survived by his brothers Richard and David, sister Dorothy, three children, as well as five grandchildren;

Early Life and Education

George Siddall was born in Derbyshire, England to Paul Siddall and Harriott Rowe.

George had one sister.

George earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts before going on to receive a Master of Divinity from Andover Newton Seminary.

In addition to his ministry duties, he had many interests. He enjoyed running and biking, as well as boating, gardening and hiking.

He was a member of the United Church of Christ and served as pastor at Plattsburg UCC in Ohio and Trinity UCC in Cincinnati. Tragically, on September 1, 2022 he passed away at Monroe, Ohio.

Professional Career

George Siddall was an engineer in precision metrology. His work included developing metrology techniques and equipment necessary for manufacturing spherical quartz rotors used in cryogenic gyroscopes for NASA space missions.

He later worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, developing the X-ray and E-beam lithography techniques used for making cryogenic gyroscopes.

Siddall dedicated his life to Christian ministry, serving as youth pastor, UCC campus minister and other roles. He officiated at numerous weddings and funerals while advocating for peace and social justice throughout his career.

Achievements and Honors

George Siddall was an eminent engineer who made significant advances in the field of metrology. As a pioneering figure in laser technology applications for precision measurement, his legacy lives on today.

He was a pioneer in using frequency stabilized gas lasers as the practical length standard, an innovation which revolutionized metrology forever. Additionally, he rebuilt the PTB program in industrial metrology, catapulting it to global recognition.

He is an acclaimed engineer who has received numerous awards, such as the 7th ND Marketing Award in Japan; Champions of Metrology Award from Metrology for World Class Manufacturing; Master Entrepreneur South Region in Ernst & Young LLP’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award; and Lifetime Achievement Award at West of England Business Awards each year since 1997.

Personal Life

He enjoyed running and biking, as well as boating (he even built two small boats), gardening, hiking, camping and traveling. In addition to these activities, he completed several marathons and competed in the Little Miami Triathlon.

George was an enthusiastic computer geek, but his favorite pastime was reading. He devoured a wide variety of books – classics, fantasy novels and fiction alike.

Due to a serious brain injury sustained at birth, George had damage to the part of his brain responsible for coordination of limbs and was unable to roll, sit or crawl. Fortunately, an occupational therapist arranged for him to try out a powered wheelchair as an adaptive therapy option.

Thanks to his GoFundMe chair, he was able to move independently for the first time. Now his family has launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise money for another similar wheelchair.

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