George Rumore

George Rumore – A Lifelong Motorsports Enthusiast

George Rumore was a passionate motorsports enthusiast who dedicated himself to the industry. In 1993 he co-founded Long Tube Headers, a veteran-owned business that manufactures exhaust components for performance cars.

His passion for racing has led him to a career in the industry, where he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals. If you need product advice or hands-on assistance with anything related to motor racing, George is an invaluable asset!

Early Life and Education

George Rumore was born in Brooklyn on November 5th 1950 to Emanuel and Elvia Rumore as the second of three children. Survived by his wife Brenda; daughters Shannon and Kristina; mother Elvia; brother Joseph (Joe) Rumore; and sister Jo Ann Tincher, George is survived by his family members: wife Brenda; children Joseph (Joe) Rumore; brother Joseph (Joe) Tincher

George was raised in a family that loved racing cars, especially sports cars. He dedicated his life to the racing industry and became one of its most knowledgeable professionals.

He served in the US Marine Corps and worked as a Federal employee for many years. He loved his family and coworkers deeply, even when it meant being tough at times. Yet underneath it all lay deep empathy and concern that made him such an inspiring mentor to many young men and women alike.

Professional Career

George was a true enthusiast for cars, bikes and boats who loved to fix things up. After spending over two decades working at an automaker sales and service department, he had seen all sides of car ownership – the good, bad and downright ugly. His most important task was keeping customers satisfied every day – which he excelled at. To prove his dedication to customers he was often first to adopt new technology when it became available. Despite his busy schedule he still found time for family time as well as acting as an ambassador for his field.

Achievements and Honors

George Rumore was an inspiring individual with a deep-felt compassion. He dedicated himself to his family, friends, and church with great devotion. His professional accomplishments were recognized with numerous honors such as election to the Alabama State Bar Hall of Fame and fellowship in the American College of Trial Lawyers.

He was a passionate supporter of his alma mater Virginia Tech, serving on its Board of Visitors and providing advice to the first business living and learning community. His advocacy for student success helped shape the future of Virginia Tech; his leadership and enthusiasm will be greatly missed by his family and friends; survivors include wife Brenda; daughters Shannon Gerndt and Kristina; as well as numerous nieces, nephews and other loved ones.

Personal Life

George Rumore was an enthusiastic man of many interests. He enjoyed running, reading and playing chess; moreover he was a proud husband and father to three. Additionally, George loved watching “The Wizard of Oz” with his daughters and dancing the father-daughter dance at each wedding reception.

He currently resides at 166 Crimson Orchard Dr in Mooresville, NC 28115 and is estimated to earn $50-74K annually. The median home value in his area is between $100-149K, with his television being the most expensive item. Furthermore, he serves on the student-athlete advisory council at Fairfax High School with an estimated net worth of $25K. Most importantly though, his life would not have been complete without Lisa; she was an adoring and supportive spouse, mother, grandmother – everything!

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