George Renshaw

George Renshaw

George Renshaw was a renowned political activist and socialist, playing an instrumental role in the formation of numerous significant political movements such as the Communist Party and Minority Movement.

He was born in 1917 in Pennsylvania and passed away in 2002 at 84 years of age. He is interred at San Francisco Memorial Park.

Early Life and Education

George Renshaw was born in 1845 and became a prominent figure within both the Communist Party of Great Britain and Minority Rights advocacy.

He produced several newspapers, such as ‘Railway Vigilant’ and ‘Busman’s Punch’ (1929-66). Additionally, he served on the industrial staff of ‘Daily Worker’ during the 1930s.

He married Amy Dennis in 1909, the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Dennis. Together they had three children: George born 13 May 1910; Doris M born 1912 who died young; and Gladys born 25 August 1914.

Professional Career

George Renshaw has primarily pursued a professional career in theatre. He has performed as a musician in musicals such as The SpongeBob Musical and South Pacific.

He also features as a character actor in the National Youth Music Theatre production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Having appeared twice previously, he is excited about his upcoming role.

In addition to his academic responsibilities, he serves as an active member of the George Mason University Faculty Senate and faculty representative on the governing Board of Visitors.

His research interests encompass anxiety, stress/trauma and interpersonal relationships, with a special focus on service members/veterans and their families. He has received over $3 million in extramural funding as principal investigator or co-I, published over 90 peer-reviewed publications and given more than 150 conference presentations. Furthermore, he has earned multiple teaching awards including the George Mason University Teaching Excellence Award (2015).

Achievements and Honors

George Renshaw is an inspector for QuickDraw Fund Control, a site inspection firm that ensures job sites adhere to local building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations and contract specifications. His experience encompasses construction work as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from CSU San Bernardino and master’s from CSU Los Angeles. Following graduation, he served as director of a non-profit organization providing treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues; this position further developed his leadership and management abilities.

He is an active participant in George Mason University’s Faculty Senate, serving as Chair and Faculty Representative to the Board of Visitors from 2016-2019. In this role, he strives to represent faculty interests both inside and outside of the University.

Personal Life

George Renshaw led an active lifestyle and was involved in many different pursuits. His interests ranged from collecting stamps and exploring American history to shooting pool with friends while enjoying a cold beer.

He was an active Rotarian, and a wonderful human being and true gentleman.

He was an author and activist, publishing works such as ‘Railway Vigilant’ and ‘Busman’s Punch’.

He will be fondly remembered by his family, particularly his wife Lori. He was an incredibly special father and grandfather and will be greatly missed.

Net Worth

Matt Renshaw is an Australian cricketer who has amassed a substantial wealth from his profession. According to savedaughters’ estimates, Matt’s net worth as of 2023 will be approximately $3 Million.

He is a member of Australia’s national cricket team and has been captained seven times. In Test matches, he has scored an impressive total of 524 runs.

Renshaw’s debut Test century came at Sydney Cricket Ground against Pakistan in 2018. He became Australia’s 133rd Test centurion and became the youngest Australian to reach 500 Test runs before turning 21; he was later recalled by Cricket Australia for another five matches. Outside of Test cricket, Renshaw has represented Brisbane Heat in Big Bash League matches as well as participating in several One Day Internationals for Australia.

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