George Nick

George Nick

George Nick was passionate about oil paint and its natural ability to communicate with others. As a painter, he believed that painting could be used as an investigative tool that could uncover truths and give meaning.

He encourages his students to view their paintings with fresh eyes, discovering the life-giving energy, play of light and shadow, dimensions of structures, depths of color and tone.

Early Life and Education

George Nick has led an extraordinary life. He is a painter, educator and storyteller.

He has taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Brooklyn Museum Art School and New York Studio School. Additionally, he served as principal and superintendent at high schools in Wisconsin, Idaho and Montana.

He is an incredible teacher and has guided countless of his students towards success as artists. He believes that painting doesn’t need to be mediated but can instead serve as an investigation tool that uncovers truths and meaning.

Professional Career

George Nick is an internationally acclaimed realist painter whose artwork has been displayed both locally in Boston and beyond.

He holds both a BFA and MFA from Yale University, as well as teaching at several colleges. His work specializes in capturing the beauty of landscapes and urban scenes.

His artworks can be found in museums across America and Europe, often reflecting on his experience as a black professional athlete in Europe, as well as his early upbringing.

He served as an associate professor at Massachusetts College of Art for 25 years, and his colleagues and students paid tribute to him with the exhibition “Galvanized Truth: A Tribute to George Nick” at the Art Complex Museum.

Achievements and Honors

George Nick’s accomplishments as an artist and teacher have earned him numerous honors. He was a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Letters, among other institutions.

He is renowned for his contributions to optics and laser technology. He pioneered research in holography, created the ring-wedge photo detector, and discovered speckle – a pattern formed when multiple waves of the same frequency interfere with each other.

In 2013, the University of Rochester established a professorship in optics to honor George’s contributions and influence on the field. This professorship was made possible through a gift from Milton Chang and additional support from Joseph W. Goodman, William Ayer Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.

Personal Life

George Nick was an inspiring teacher, inspiring his students to see life from a new perspective; expressing its vibrant vitality through light, hues, and tone. They were completely enthralled by his passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

Nick spent eight years teaching painting majors and elective classes at Mass College of Art. His classes were always full, and the energy level was always high.

As a painter, he was always searching for ways to improve his students’ work. Instead of teaching them formulas or methods of painting, he wanted them to develop an appreciation of paintings–how they are created–and how they can tell stories through imagery.

Net Worth

George Nick’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million dollars. He has achieved this wealth through his acting, directing and producing work in the entertainment industry as well as various business ventures and investments.

He has donated millions to charity, further increasing his wealth. Furthermore, he is an accomplished author and writer who has penned numerous books.

He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 2010 and made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut two years later, in 2016. In 2012, he was named as the most valuable player of the All-Star Futures Game.

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