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George Knives – Jason Knight is a Master Bladesmith

Les George is a renowned knifemaker. He has collaborated with leading companies such as Spartan Blades, Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, Protech and Wilson Combat on multiple projects.

He is a retired US Marine and EOD technician renowned for his sharp knives that feature an assured flip.

Early Life and Education

Jason Knight was raised in the wooded hillsides near his hometown in Charleston, South Carolina with an endless imagination and a burning desire to bring his stories alive. He was fascinated by tales of epic battles fought with sharp tools and awed by Four Holes Swamp’s forested wetlands where he would spend many afternoons hacking away at its understory.

It was only natural for the young Knight to become fascinated with bladesmithing, yet it wasn’t until he watched the movie The Last of the Mohicans that he fully appreciated its potential. His enthusiasm only intensified over time and by the time he reached his thirties, he had achieved fame in the world of fine blades.

Professional Career

Since 1919, George knives has been a renowned knifemaker and designer. His knives are considered among the finest available today by many in the industry.

He has served as president of The Knifmakers’ Guild and was a past recipient of their Red Watson Award, which honors those who best embody the cooperative spirit that Watson believed to be at the core of this organization.

He has an unparalleled passion for knives. His knives are expertly crafted with great care and distinguished by their beauty as well as the superiority of construction and materials.

Achievements and Honors

Les George has been in the custom knife business since 1992, learning his trade from legendary maker Stan Fujisaka of Kaneohe, Hawaii. His years serving in the United States Marine Corps have given him an edge when using and designing tools.

His attention to detail is truly remarkable, but his creativity even more so. He produces an array of high-quality knives sure to please any knife enthusiast.

George’s most renowned creations include the ‘Hydra’ and ‘Valmara’ knives. The former is an inventive design with a rotating blade that can be adjusted according to user needs, while the latter boasts an innovative locking mechanism.

Personal Life

George knives was born in Wichita, Kansas and developed an interest in knives from an early age. At 12, he began collecting them but his parents weren’t particularly pleased as they believed it to be dangerous. Nonetheless, George has kept up his collection ever since – something his dad wasn’t too sure about at first!

At 15 years old, he had always wanted to make knives for himself; so when his father agreed, he set about crafting his first fixed blade knife.

He specialized in fixed blades, but also produced tactical folders and mid-tech (limited edition with lots of handmade). His experiences as a Marine Corps officer had profoundly shaped his approach to knifemaking; these include 10 years of production.

Net Worth

Jason Knight is a master bladesmith best known for his work on History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” show. Initially hired to replace James Neilson, he eventually left after season 3. His success on the show helped make him a household name and increase his net worth significantly; he also shares his talent on YouTube and Instagram to share it with the world.

His success in the knife-making industry can be attributed to his extensive education and experiences. He learned from some of the top knife makers worldwide, such as Daniel Winkler and Karen Shook. Furthermore, he gained valuable insights during his service with the United States Marine Corps where he served as a heavy equipment mechanic and Embassy Guard.

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