George Jeffreys

George Jeffreys

George Jeffreys is a renowned evangelist renowned for his powerful ministry in divine healing.

He is widely considered one of England’s greatest evangelists, leading a revival movement throughout both Britain and Europe.

Early Life and Education

Hakeem Jeffries was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is a proud member of the Democratic Party. He has an avid passion for policies that build America and provide its citizens with meaningful opportunities.

Jeffries has served in Congress since 2012 and been an advocate for several progressive causes such as criminal justice reform and affordable healthcare. Throughout his tenure in Congress, he has led efforts to advance these causes.

His advocacy on behalf of marginalized communities includes denouncing discriminatory social distance policing. Furthermore, he has sponsored numerous bills to protect copyright holders and provide scholarship opportunities for Pakistani women.

He has co-authored casebooks in civil rights, federal courts and criminal law. Additionally, he serves on the Virginia Law Faculty where he teaches courses on constitutional law and civil rights.

Professional Career

George Jeffreys was one of the greatest preachers that the British Pentecostal movement ever produced. His powerful voice and captivating personality belied his deep knowledge of Scripture.

He and his brother Stephen, also a powerful preacher, held healing campaigns and evangelistic crusades across the country with great success, drawing large crowds and planting churches.

In 1685, with the influx of converts, the church reached its height and Jeffreys became a powerful figure in England. He was made Lord Chancellor and created Baron Jeffreys of Wem in memory of his services to the country.

Achievements and Honors

George Jeffries was a legendary evangelist who planted hundreds of new churches throughout his long ministry. Beginning in Ireland, he soon traveled to mainland Britain where God used him powerfully for good.

He had an immense following and a remarkable list of miracles, including healing many people. Additionally, he was an acclaimed administrator known for his meticulousness.

His dedication to effecting meaningful change in police practices is evidenced by his numerous accomplishments. He spearheaded legislative reform of NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program, as well as laws that safeguard civil rights of law-abiding New Yorkers when confronted by officers. Furthermore, he spearheaded initiatives to expand testing within hard-hit communities of color and condemned discriminatory social distance policing tactics targeting residents of color.

Personal Life

George Jeffreys was born into a family of coal miners in Wales. His parents Thomas and Kezia were members of the Independent Welsh Church.

On November 20th 1904, his brother Stephen and he were both converted by a revival at Shiloh Chapel Independent in Nantyfyllon, Wales. As followers of Christ together, they both made their commitment to follow Him.

George was baptised in the Holy Spirit and then attended Pentecostal Missionary Union Bible School to begin a ministry of evangelism. During World War I, he conducted crusades throughout Northern Ireland.

He and his brother became known as The Jeffreys Brothers. As they traveled throughout England and Europe, bringing thousands to Christ and conducting healing campaigns for those in need, they earned a place of honor in history.

Net Worth

George Jeffries is a lawyer and politician currently serving as chairperson of the House Democratic Caucus. Before entering Congress in 2013, he served in the New York State Assembly.

His family is of the utmost importance to him, and he strives to balance his career as a representative with spending time with his wife and children.

He is a member of the Democratic Party and has been instrumental in passing legislation that promotes social justice. Additionally, he has been an outspoken champion for criminal justice reform.

He is one of the youngest members of the Democratic leadership team and was hand-selected by Pelosi to lead the party. An enthusiastic advocate for equality and social justice, he will play an instrumental role in shaping the party’s future direction.

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