George Javitch

George Javitch, a Freshman at William Paterson University

On their first year of college, Freshmen George Javitch and Shira Hirsch were sitting in Sargent dining hall when they were approached about participating in Dance Marathon.

Javitch and Hirsch were both inspired by the energy and exuberance of those on stage. They knew they wanted to be one of those emcees who kept the dancers energized.

Early Life and Education

Sam Javitch began playing piano at age 3 and has been performing jazz ever since. He studied with Mulgrew Miller, Garry Dial, James Weidman, Harold Mabern, Cecil Bridgewater and Russ Lossing before performing at renowned venues like Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Joe’s Pub, Rockwood Music Hall, 55 Bar and The Jazz Room at William Paterson University.

Javitch’s debut solo album, People and Places, expresses his gratitude for those who have shaped him into who he is today. Accompanied by tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, bassist Adrian Moring and drummer Matt Niedbaski, this release contains seven original compositions including “The Pitch to Rich,” a tribute to the tenor saxophonist who played on the recording.

Achievements and Honors

As a freshman, George Javitch was introduced to Dance Marathon and remembers being excited to dance for 30 hours straight. He credits Shira Hirsch and George Javitch, the emcees, with keeping their dancers motivated with skits and games.

He has earned numerous accolades during his time at Harvard. These include the Marianne Wessling-Resnick Award and Robert Balentine Reed Prize for Excellence in Biostatistical Science.

He has also been recognized for his academic accomplishments. As a senior captain and the highest 4-year cumulative GPA in his class, he hopes to become a father soon; something which has profoundly changed his perspective on life. His partner is expecting a baby in the fall of 2019, and their relationship has had an immense impact on him professionally and personally.

Personal Life

When asked to name his favorite moment in college, Freshman George Javitch immediately responded, “Being pregnant and having our first child together.” As he looked back over the past two years, George realized how his body had transformed as he transitioned from casual sexual encounters and casual collegiate relationships to supporting his girlfriend and preparing for childbirth. Though he hadn’t had much luck in the bedroom until now, becoming a father has left him overwhelmed with all of the feelings that come along with being a parent.

Javitch has a passion for science and is always on the lookout for new discoveries in the lab. His inquisitive nature has led him to explore cutting-edge technology, follow food industry trends, and gain more knowledge about our world. It’s no surprise then that he ended up as part of the faculty at Carlisle School of Science and Technology – one of the top universities in America!

Net Worth

Javitch’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. This wealth was earned through his work as the president and board chairman of Giant Food Stores, a supermarket chain with ten stores in Pennsylvania. Additionally, he served on the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce board and was part of their fundraising committee for Carlisle Hospital. Javitch is proud father to a daughter whom he hopes to support throughout her life. When not at work, Javitch enjoys watching movies, reading novels, listening to music and taking long walks in nature – these pastime activities keep him active!

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