George Fellows

George Fellows

George Fellows has served as CEO of Callaway Golf Company since 2005.

He has also served as a director for Revlon Holdings Inc. and Investcorp International Inc.

He is a member of both the American Legion and Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, as well as an avid hunter and fisherman who has been active throughout his life.

Early Life and Education

George Fellows made a lasting impact in the fields of business, politics, education and culture. He spearheaded the establishment of Maine’s first department of agriculture at the University of Maine as well as its Cooperative Extension office. Furthermore, George spearheaded the building of Maine’s most prestigious library – Fogler Library.

The RSA Awards Committee, led by the president, oversees a list of honors that includes the Book Award, Dissertation Award, Fellows’ Early Career award and Octagon. To decide on who receives the top award from RSA Fellows and their significant others – an elite committee comprising fellows plus their significant others. Although there is a long list of illustrious alumni members of RSA; only a select few make it to this elite level rewarded with fellowships as well as a shiny gold medal.

Professional Career

George Fellows’ professional career was in teaching and writing. As professor in the Department of English at the Academy, his expertise was widely sought-after.

His students benefited from his expertise in literary criticism, the history of American literature and creative writing. He taught at the Academy for 37 years.

He served as Director of the Class of 1945 Library and has been an active member of both the American Legion and Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI for many years.

The George Bennett Fellowship is designed to offer time and freedom from material worries to aspiring writers. It covers one year’s stipend, housing and meals. As Writer in Residence, the Fellow lives in Exeter and shares their skillset in an informal way with local students interested in writing.

Achievements and Honors

George fellows have achieved notable successes and accolades in their fields. These eminent scientists and engineers make a difference in the world through research or innovation, often by furthering the understanding of their subject through discovery or invention.

In November, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) named 21 scientists and engineers as AFRL Fellows – making this year’s class the largest group ever. Each Fellow receives a $300,000 grant and has their name displayed prominently within AFRL headquarters building.

The Housner Fellows Program at Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) seeks to recognize talented and motivated young to mid-career professionals with the confidence, skills, and sense of responsibility necessary for leadership by developing advocacy capabilities and leading efforts to reduce earthquake risk. We seek candidates who are committed to furthering knowledge, cooperating on solutions to pressing problems, and cultivating leadership capacity within their communities, nation, and beyond.

Personal Life

George Fellows possesses a keen moral sense and the capacity to influence change within public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Additionally, he is dedicated to authentic leadership development and character development.

George is a Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and an expert on developing authentic leaders. He has an eclectic interests, believing that learning new things will enable him to reevaluate his life journey.

He joined the TOWER Fellows program at the University of Texas in Austin to pursue courses on topics outside his corporate career, such as kinesiology, philosophy and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, he hopes to learn more about light energy research to restore and heal human brains.

Net Worth

George Fellows is an esteemed expert in investment management and has been recognized as one of the four most influential people in institutional investing. His accomplishments have earned him widespread recognition, including being named one of the four most influential people worldwide for institutional investing. Furthermore, George serves on numerous boards, such as One Nation, The Russell Family Foundation, Threshold Group and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

George Fellows’ net worth as of 17 March 2015 is $992 thousand dollars. He owns 23,200 units of VF stock and has made 15 trades since 2006, the largest being exercising 822,573 shares on June 29 2011 for $19,264,660.

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