George Cowperthwaite

George Cowperthwaite

George Cowperthwaite was an English husbandman from Killington, Westmoreland who is considered to be the 5th great-grandfather of Cometan.

Cowperthwaite was an ardent supporter of sound economic policies that contributed to Hong Kong’s prosperity. As such, he played a significant role in the city’s ascension into one of the world’s most developed economies.

Early Life and Education

George Cowperthwaite was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended Merchiston Castle School before studying classics at St Andrews University and Christ’s College, Cambridge. Afterwards he joined the British Colonial Administrative Service as a financial secretary in Hong Kong where his advocacy of non-interventionism proved successful; helping foster economic growth during his tenure there.

He later became a teacher and activist for an Independent Socialist Scotland, as well as being an activist blogger and writer who covers education policy issues with a lefty bent. With a dry sense of humour, knowledge about Scotland’s education system, and passion about their cause, he has both an informed opinion and an upbeat outlook on things.

Professional Career

George Cowperthwaite had an illustrious professional career that took him around the globe. He served as international adviser to Jardine Fleming, the Hong Kong-based investment bank for a period and was also a member of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Additionally, George made headlines with his pioneering work in astronomy; constructing his own telescope to observe starlight and planets beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

After a successful career, he enjoyed second retirement years teaching math and science at Lanchester Christian School as well as leading Bible studies for area seniors. Throughout his life, he remained actively involved in church and community activities, always eager to share his love of Christ with others.

Achievements and Honors

George Cowperthwaite has earned a variety of recognition for his work in the Chemistry department at Colorado College.

He served on the Charleston County Board of Trustees.

George has served on the board of directors at several local churches and schools, in addition to tutoring children in math and science.

He has earned an array of awards, but none quite compare to being the recipient of a physics scholarship from the American Chemical Society. This award recognizes graduating seniors who demonstrate exceptional aptitude in physical chemistry and who plan on pursuing a career in this field. Sponsored by their division, this prize includes a certificate from the division as well as one year membership to ACS.

Personal Life

George Cowperthwaite was an active figure in church and community organizations throughout his life. He held several board positions and relished spending time with family.

He had a deep-seated belief in education and had even taught at some point during his career. Additionally, his passion for literature often saw him visiting libraries.

Cowperthwaite was an accomplished author, publishing more than 100 books throughout his lifetime. His works have become classics within their fields, such as The Mechanic Mistake and The Red Road.

Cowperthwaite’s 2013 documentary Blackfish sparked a fierce debate and public discussions about SeaWorld’s orca handling practices. The film was highly critical of these methods, failing to either support nor endorse the company.

Net Worth

George Cowperthwaite was a retired Christian leader and missionary who had an illustrious ministry career that stretched far and wide. He served on numerous church boards throughout his lifetime, ultimately succumbing to illness on February 28th, 2019 at 79 years of age. Survived by his loving wife Judith Elizabeth (Thomas) Cowperthwaite, George will be greatly missed by those left behind.

As of 2022, the former actor has a net worth of $15 million. He attributes his success to his professional career; however, exact details are unknown. He does not participate in any rumors or controversies and prefers keeping things low-key. On social media he boasts over 2.5K followers and 226K Instagram followers. With gorgeous brown hair and hazel eyes standing 6 feet tall and weighing 73 kg, he exudes beauty from within.

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