George Cowden

George Cowden

George Cowden is a renowned Texas lawyer and trustee at Baylor University. Additionally, he serves as director of the Baptist Foundation of Texas.

He has been diagnosed with Cowden Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder caused by an abnormality of the phosphatase and tensin (PTEN) gene.

Early Life and Education

George Cowden was a member of the United Brethren Church and worked in their Sunday School department, overseeing its growth and development.

He also led a team that created the Bible Normal Union and Home Reading Circle programs, which served to train church leaders and shape the denomination’s education strategy.

He is survived by his wife, Helen Dinah Smith; and four daughters. Together they have eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, as well as other family members who still reside in the area. His passions included traveling, reading and sharing stories – activities which he will surely miss dearly by all his friends and loved ones.

Professional Career

George Cowden is a Texas-based lawyer specializing in wrongful death, product liability, and personal injury cases. He is an associate at Cowden Law Firm and an active member of the American Bar Association.

He earned his law degree from Baylor University and is a third-generation lawyer. While in school, he earned the top overall speaker award in an intramural moot court competition and went on to become a state champion in mock trial competition.

He founded his own firm in 2019 and specializes in products liability, wrongful death and personal injury cases. With extensive litigation experience across state and federal courts across America, he is confident that he can successfully resolve your issues.

Achievements and Honors

George Cowden has achieved many accomplishments and honors throughout his life. He is a widely-recognized attorney who has championed his clients’ rights and enabled them to reach their objectives.

He is a member of several legal organizations and has received multiple awards for his accomplishments. Furthermore, he was nominated as a Rising Star in the field of law for his outstanding work.

He is a graduate of Baylor University and holds a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. Additionally, he has served on various state boards and agencies. At present, he practices at Cowden Law Firm.

Personal Life

George Cowden was a loving husband and father who dedicated himself to his family. Additionally, he was an incredible individual who provided invaluable assistance to many in need.

His career as a lawyer was an impressive one. He represented individuals in personal injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits alike.

His law firm, Cowden Law Firm, is located in Tyler, Texas and he specializes in a range of areas such as automotive product liability, eighteen-wheeler collisions, motor vehicle accidents, dram shop liability, oil-field injuries and aviation accidents.

He was a passionate Christian and attended church regularly, often multiple times a week. Additionally, he served as a volunteer at Christus Schumpert Hospital. He was immensely proud of his faith and was an devoted husband, father, grandfather – survived by his beloved wife Dinah as well as their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

Linda Cowden spent most of her childhood living the easy life on her father’s ranch. As Junior League president and an expert bridge player, she achieved great success in life; but three years ago when her dad tragically passed away from a horseback accident, Linda Cowden transformed into the working rancher she always desired to be.

Now 58, she is a fifth-generation West Texas rancher who still works her dad’s Live Oak Ranch in Taylor County and owns an Angus ranch on the Divide. Additionally, she helps out at uncle Tuffy’s ranch near Kerrville as well as being director at her husband Colin’s company Cowden Limited. Additionally, Allison Isbell assists with all aspects of ranching while serving on boards for Museum of the Southwest, United Way of Midland and George W. Bush Childhood Home.

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