George Conway On Twitter

George Conway on Twitter

The Twitter user, George Conway, has gained an impressive fan base of 1.8 million people. He has a large following and is an active anti-Trump activist. George Conway is a well-known attorney in the Washington, DC area and has a number of political projects to his name. His Twitter account is full with political commentary, and he has been known as a sharp critic for President Trump.

In recent weeks, George Conway has been criticizing President Trump. This time, he was particularly active on the social networking site during the weekend. President Trump tweeted over 50 times during this period, and George Conway shared his comments on Twitter. Among other things, he attacked the late Sen. John McCain, who was diagnosed with cancer last year. George Conway also claimed that President Trump was getting worse.

The outspoken husband of the president, George Conway has also been criticizing the president on Twitter. His controversial comments have been criticized and their Twitter accounts even banned. However, his Twitter account is a recurring topic among Washington politicos.

These tweets evoke an attack by Trump on his White House staff. Trump has a history of hurling verbal insults at his staff, and Conway has been no exception. Trump’s tweets are full of disparaging remarks about his staff and his wife.

George Conway’s tweets suggest that President Donald Trump is mentally incompetent and unstable. Conway also criticized the president for his tweet about the sanctions against North Korea. Many people are questioning his motives after the tweet was confusing and misleading.

George Conway is a well-known conservative political activist. Kellyanne Fitzpatrick was his wife and a model for social magazines. The couple got married in 2001. She was a counselor to President Donald Trump while she was at the White House. However, Conway was a vocal critic and mocked Trump in tweets.

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