George Cochran

George Cochran

George Cochran has a deep-seated passion for the outdoors. He enjoys hunting ducks and deer in Stuttgart, Arkansas during the fall and winter months.

George has always been active in sports, from baseball and hunting to fishing and law. Additionally, he practiced law for many years prior to retirement.

Early Life and Education

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Cochran was raised in Carthage, Missouri where he attended high school and worked as a driver for McCormick Grocery at Second and Main Streets. Additionally, he was an outstanding member of the Carthage baseball team as both a pitcher and infielder.

Professional Career

George Cochran had a storied and successful professional career. He was a third baseman and shortstop who played for multiple teams throughout his career.

He was born in Rusk, Texas and made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox in 1918. A switch-hitter who threw right-handed, his career progressed quickly after that.

After retiring from baseball, he pursued a career in fishing. He won 10 tournaments including two Bassmaster Classics and one Forrest Wood Cup, earning himself over $2 million in winnings.

He served as president of Staunton’s Planter’s Bank and Trust Company for six years, serving on its board. Additionally, he was a member of the Virginia bar and practiced law for eight years.

Achievements and Honors

George Cochran is an eminent athlete, dedicated to family values, and a respected attorney and philanthropist who has received numerous awards and honors for his services to sport.

Cochran, a native of North Little Rock in Arkansas, pursued a career in law before opening his private practice. He has represented numerous clients throughout his career–including those who were victims of police brutality.

Governor Mills E. Godwin appointed him to the Supreme Court of Appeals as one of Virginia’s leaders of “Massive Resistance”.

Personal Life

George Cochran’s early life was spent with his family. Growing up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, he enjoyed fishing off their back dock and later taking out a john-boat in Lakewood subdivision.

George Jaworski, his neighbor, taught him the value of patience and methodical fishing. These lessons cemented George’s affinity for nature and fuelled his enthusiasm to hunt and fish.

George was a highly successful professional bass fisherman for twenty-eight years, winning the Bass Master Classic Championship twice (1987 and 1996), the FLW Forrest Wood Cup championship once in 2005, as well as numerous other tournament wins. Together with his wife Debi they enjoy fishing, hunting and spending time with their children David, John and Lezley in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Net Worth

George Cochran was an American artist best known for his floral paintings of roses. Born in Pittsburgh, he spent much of his career living and working in Philadelphia.

At the age of eighteen, he displayed his first works at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and soon after joined Philadelphia Art Club as a member. Additionally, during this period he also traveled throughout Europe for exhibitions.

Throughout his lifetime, he painted many genre subjects such as the iconic portrait of a bereaved husband holding the hand of his dead wife which was displayed at Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1867. Additionally, he produced numerous prints.

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