George Clooney Gisele Bundchen Dating

George Clooney and Amal Bundchen Dating?

If you’re into the biz, you’ve most likely been following the celebrity sex of the moment, George Clooney. While the actor has had a long history with numerous women, he’s been most successful with one: his wife Amal. During an interview with the Daily Mail, he revealed the story behind his decision to marry the actress, as well as details of their love life. The two were first spotted together at Cannes and have been together ever since.

Although the couple has been in the public eye for years, it wasn’t until May 2018 that we first heard of their marriage. They married for the second time in June in Paris, and while the details aren’t known, they are expected to live happily ever after. In addition to their marriage, the two are also parents to daughter Dimity, son Dimitrious, and baby girl Eva.

For most of the ‘Brangelina’ pair’s 15 year marriage, they were a pious pair. Although there have been some reports of friction between the pair, they’ve been supportive of each other in the face of adversity. This was especially evident in the aftermath of Gisele’s departure from the scene. She’d left for Costa Rica amidst the ruckus to see her children. But when her husband allegedly caught her at a bar on the beach, she reportedly ran out of the house.

There’s no doubt that the pairing of Clooney and Amal has been one of the most enviable celebrity marriages in recent memory. But it seems that they aren’t the only Hollywood heavy hitters with a love affair on the rocks. Others include Charlize Theron, Lucy Liu, and Joe Jonas, among others.

George Clooney has a few other high-profile love interests, including actress and model Lucy Liu and singer/songwriter Talia Balsam. However, it seems that the star of the show may be his wife. After all, the two have been on the road together since 2014, and he recently visited her on her talk show to promote his upcoming movie Ticket to Paradise. And with Amal’s enviable clout, it’s unlikely that this relationship will come to an end any time soon.

Whether or not this relationship will last is anyone’s guess, but it certainly is the most exciting thing to watch in the coming months. So far, we’ve seen a number of photos of the pair in Costa Rica. Perhaps they’ll take a page from Gisele’s book and have a family vacation. Or maybe, they’ll just get back to work. Regardless, their chemistry will make for a memorable evening. One thing is for sure: the two of them will no doubt have plenty of laughs amidst the chaos.

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