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George Buch Net Worth

George Buch, born in Midland, Texas and a member of the Bush family, is an American politician and member of Congress. He served as 43rd President of America from 2001-2009 as a Republican. Additionally, he served as 46th Governor of Texas from 1995-2000; an estimated net worth is $10 million.

Early Life and Education

George was the youngest of six children born to a prominent Midland attorney and his wife, leading to an eventful but not always successful childhood. He attended Sam Houston Elementary School before graduating from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in law from Yale University and master’s in business from Harvard Business School. Following graduation, George began working in the oil industry where he met and married Laura Welch – born and raised in Midland’s oil capital – before embarking on his collegiate career in law enforcement.

Professional Career

Professional careers exist around the world, including accountants, engineers and architects. Some people also work in medicine, natural resources extraction or human resources. Most of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify.

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Achievements and Honors

George Bush has a distinguished record in public service, serving as Ambassador to the United Nations, chairman of the Republican National Committee, chief of U. S. Liaison Office in China and director of Central Intelligence Agency. Additionally, he has received multiple international awards such as Orders of the Star of Romania and Three Stars of Latvia; plus he received an AFSA Achievement Award.

In 2006, The Foreign Service Association (AFSA) presented The George H. W. Bush Points of Light Awards to recognize those who embody and spread the transformative power of service by their everyday actions and words that illuminate a path for others. Notable honorees included Maria Eulalia Bakken from Lima for her contributions as community liaison officer; retired Daniel Newberry; and Thomas Allen, USIA’s associate director of political affairs.

Personal Life

George is best known for his distinguished career in public service and foreign policy, but most of all for being a proud father to two beautiful daughters: Caroline and Jeb. When not at home or at the gym, you can catch them both enjoying life – especially during George’s recent tour of Asia! Of all his high-profile assignments, one of George’s proudest moments was serving as Ambassador to China where he led the charge against terror attacks during that period.

Net Worth

The presidency may be one of the world’s most powerful jobs, but it also comes with a host of perks that often help make its holders wealthy. Each president receives an annual pay cheque of US$400,000 plus post-term comforts like a monthly pension and Secret Service protection.

Furthermore, several former presidents have made wise business investments both before and during their terms to amass significant wealth. Bush, for example, owned a Major League Baseball team and was active in the oil industry before running for office.

Barack Obama didn’t begin with a particularly wealthy net worth, but as his political career progressed and he rose up the political ladder, his fortune has multiplied exponentially. CA Knowledge reports that since leaving the White House, Obama has earned tens of millions in book royalties and speaking fees alone.

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