George Bistline

George Bistline

George Bistline was a retired Altoona police sergeant who tragically passed away after shooting and killing an inmate.

A federal lawsuit was filed against him, alleging his negligence in the death of Russell.

Early Life and Education

George was born into slavery and raised by a family on the Moses Carver plantation in Wahoo, Nebraska. Although he received no formal education, his experiences led to an intense interest in plants and animals which later culminated in college where he graduated with a degree in agricultural science after working alongside agronomy professor Franklin Keim on hybrid wheat research.

Achievements and Honors

George Bireline was an accomplished painter renowned for his abstract impressionist and color-field art genres. Additionally, he served as professor of fine arts at North Carolina State University for over 40 years, teaching painting and design courses to students around the country. His most acclaimed achievement may have been designing a public monument in Peoria, Illinois which earned him both an NISD honors certificate and Guggenheim’s award for large-scale art exhibit of 1967; further recognition came with the naming of Peoria’s new airport after him – George Bireline Intercontinental Airport – in honor of all these accomplishments.

Personal Life

George was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and began his long career in filmmaking during the 1940’s. Throughout his career he made 87 films and appeared on various TV shows while married to singer Dinah Shore for two decades. A talented sculptor, George created bronze busts of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne that are interred near both his California home as well as Great Falls, Montana where his ashes rest today.

He had a gentle demeanor and razor sharp wit. His non-threatening ‘little man’ appeal was well received on television shows.

Net Worth

George’s wealth was impressive, particularly considering his involvement in drug smuggling. Estimates place his net worth at an impressive $100 million during this period – no small feat!

The Net Worth Method is a common tool in forensic accountants’ toolbox and it can be utilized to establish circumstantial evidence of unreported income by a target. However, an attentive and methodical approach is necessary in order to dismantle any defenses put up by the target.

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