George Binakis

George Binakis – A Master of the Modern Con

George binakis was a con artist who defrauded victims in NYC by posing as a contractor and promising to renovate their condos. He gained their trust and sympathy by frequently mentioning his serious heart condition that required the use of a pacemaker and regular cardio monitoring.

Readers in Minnesota and New York have asked us to cover this story, and we felt compelled to do so given the harm this conman has caused.

Early Life and Education

George Binakis was a con man that defrauded people in NYC by pretending to be a contractor and offering to renovate their apartments. He gained the trust of elderly condo owners by falsely claiming to have severe heart condition requiring pacemaker and regular cardio monitoring; consequently, when he disappeared with their money they were completely blindsided; one woman who lost $65,000 believed George had suffered from a heart attack! Dr. Klaus Berr is investigating this scam as well as others like it as well as investigating lonely hearts scam affecting older women in Milan suburbs of Italy.

Achievements and Honors

George Binakis is a well-known con man who has been perpetrating a contracting scam on NYC’s upper west side. He has defrauded elderly women of $65,000 for renovations that never materialized.

He has also been investigated for a “lonely hearts scam” in Milan’s suburbs that involves elderly women who contact him claiming to have heart issues, where he uses their trust and sympathy to defraud them.

The Conference elected Ioannis Lygidakis President (VIC), Giorgos Starakis Secretary (VIC) and Vagelis Leondakis Treasurer (VIC). Additionally, Polyhronis Generakis from NSW, Odysseas Platyrrahos from TAS, Peter Sarikakis from NSW, Dimitris Katheklakis (ACT), Stelios Kotsifakis from NSW and Kostas Taxidis in NSW; Nondas Panagiotakis in QLD; Antonis Fiotakis in Tasmania alongside Grigoris Giovanoglou from TAS; Giannis Tzamarias in WA were also elected members at this gathering which included George Paterakis from Melbourne who represented Pancretan Brotherhood at this important conference.

Personal Life

George Binakis is an expert at modern con games. He conned elderly condo owners into believing he could renovate their apartments by posing as a licensed contractor and promising them large sums of cash. In one instance, he managed to steal $65,000 by exploiting the trust of an elderly 72 year old woman. What’s remarkable about this guy is that he did so using modern technology.

He quickly gained notoriety on the Internet and caught the attention of the news media. City Beat even wrote an article about him, with their reporter labeling our small coffee shop “the home of the gee-whiz.” We’ve been informed that not only New York media outlets are looking for where best to enjoy a pint or two of java, but Minnesota and national press as well.

Net Worth

George Binakis is a notorious con artist who took $65,000 from a woman in New York by promising to renovate her luxury condo apartment. He gained complete trust and sympathy by frequently mentioning a severe heart condition that required medication and constant medical monitoring, so when he mysteriously disappeared without her money she believed him to have suffered an attack. When Minnesota and New York readers suggested we cover this story we were delighted; hopefully our coverage will help others avoid becoming victims of Binakis’ scam and protect people against deceptive contractors.

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