George Bardsley

George Bardsley

Naturalistic actor with extensive experience in feature films, television and shorts. Her strength lies in the knowledge she has acquired since 2012 during her time with England.

She has won 81 caps and participated in six major tournaments throughout her career, but not without facing challenges along the way – such as tore her hamstring during a quarterfinal match of the Women’s World Cup.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Bardsley has been a professional soccer player for two decades, winning eight trophies with her club Manchester City and being captained 82 times by England.

She has represented England at both the World Cup and Olympic Games, reaching quarter-final stage of the former competition. Additionally, she participated in the Continental Cup – a women’s league championship within England – as part of her athletic development.

Goalkeeper Christina Rodriguez is renowned for her dedication to success. She commutes by bicycle every day from Chino Hills home to Cal State Fullerton for training sessions, lifting weights in the college’s weight room and asking teammates to stay late during practice so she can practice saving more shots.

Achievements and Honors

Bardsley has rapidly ascent to the top of Nebraska Wesleyan University’s scoring charts, averaging 28.8 points per game and setting a school-record 835 points this season–a feat recently equaled by another teammate in 2016.

Bardsley has not only proven himself a top-notch player on the court, but an equally outstanding academic performer. As a business administration major, he earned recognition as Nebraska Wesleyan men’s basketball’s eighth Academic All-America honoree.

In addition to his many honors and accolades, Bardsley is also a dedicated community volunteer who donates his time and energy to several organizations. One such program, Lighthouse after-school program for low-income children in his area, provides academic support as well as enrichment activities.

Personal Life

George Bardsley was a loving father, husband and grandfather. He also had an infectious laugh that warmed hearts everywhere he went. Most importantly, George loved spending time with his friends.

He enjoyed spending time outdoors hunting and fishing. Additionally, he worked on cars for a fee, fixing them up when necessary.

His greatest joy in life was spending time with his family. Additionally, he had a knack for cooking and enjoyed entertaining friends at his place.

He enjoyed fishing in his free time and never left home without his fishing poles. His kind and gentle personality always served to lift others up when they were feeling down, no matter their situation or circumstance.

Net Worth

George Bardsley is a British businessman with an estimated net worth of over PS2.5 million. He owns various businesses, such as sportswear brand Castore.

He owns a private box at Stoke City soccer ground and is married to Tanya Robinson, an ex-model and cast member on reality show The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

They are immensely proud parents of a son named Mitchell George, who plays for Burnley as an AM (C), ST (C).

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