George Augspurger

George Augspurger

George Augspurger is an acoustical engineer with decades of experience. His design methods and expertise are still used today at many top recording studios.

He was instrumental in the design of many renowned recording studios during the 70s and 80s, becoming renowned for his custom monitors. Additionally, he holds an expertise in acoustical engineering and has authored several technical papers.

Early Life and Education

George Augspurger was born in Des Moines, Iowa on June 9, 1935 and graduated from North High School in 1953 before attending Arizona State University to study business.

He married Karen Kay Meiners on August 8, 1964 and they made their home in Urbandale, Iowa for most of their lives. As members of New Hope Assembly of God church, they enjoyed sharing their faith with others.

He was an award-winning audio engineer and acoustical consultant who designed rooms for some of the top recording studios in the business. His efforts were recognized with several awards, including a special Technical GRAMMY(r) awarded to him in 2020 by the Recording Academy for his “pioneering audio engineer and designer” contributions to filmmaking and recording industries.

Professional Career

George Augspurger is an audio and acoustical engineer best known for designing rooms for some of North America’s premier studios. He began his career with JBL where he established their Professional division before founding Perception Inc., an independent consulting firm.

George Augspurger has earned a place of honor in the music industry as both studio designer and acoustical consultant. In addition to his numerous patents, he has authored several technical papers and articles regarding speaker design and loudspeaker system application.

He will receive a Special GRAMMY Award from the Recording Academy (r) in 2020 for his remarkable contributions to music production. Along with four lifetime achievement awards – Chicago, Roberta Flack, Isaac Hayes and John Prine – he will be recognized for his achievements.

Achievements and Honors

George Augspurger is an audio and acoustical engineer who has designed rooms for some of North America’s premier recording studios. He began his career at JBL, where he established their Professional division before founding Perception Inc. – an independent consulting firm that provides solutions to some of the nation’s top clients.

He has also received the Helmholtz Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal for his contributions to recording studios, performance venues and loudspeakers.

He has been active in the audio reproduction industry for 70 years, developing innovative sound systems. One of his greatest accomplishments was developing the patented Augspurger full-range monitor system that provides detail and clarity when reproducing bass-heavy audio recordings.

Personal Life

George Augspurger was born June 9, 1935 in Des Moines, Iowa and passed away July 13th 2016 at 87 years of age.

He was a devout member of New Hope Assembly of God Church and an enthusiastic Bible student. He cherished his family and grandchildren deeply, which will be greatly missed by them all.

In 1958, he joined JBL as their Technical Service Manager and eventually moved up to manage their Professional Products Division. In 1970 he founded Perception Inc and focused on designing recording studios.

Audio and acoustical engineer George Augspurger is a Technical GRAMMY award winner, whose sound design innovations have transformed some of the finest recording studios worldwide. Additionally, he consults to many major recording companies around the globe and his work has been featured in numerous music industry magazines and books.

Net Worth

George Augspurger is an award-winning studio designer. He’s collaborated with several renowned recording studios, such as Capitol and Disney; additionally, he was previously the product engineer for JBL. Estimates place his net worth at $5 million. Notable clients include Josh Groban, Elton John and Ariana Grande; an expert in loudspeaker systems design and studio acoustics; winner of the Technical Grammy Award. Recently his recent works include music for movies like Call of the Wild and The Simpsons.

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