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The Furnace That Jack Built

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in the HVAC business. His dad owned a furnace company, providing him with ample opportunities for hands-on experience with different equipment and projects. Jack worked as a sheet metal fabricator, delivery person and project install and service person – even writing Understanding Manual J(r) and Understanding Manual D (r). Jack has an obvious love of teaching that shows through in his teaching style; making sure students feel at ease while learning; even penning children’s book such as The Furnace Room to appeal to 4-8 age range students! His passion shows through in everything he does – making sure everyone gets something out of what they want out of each class session!

Achievement and Honors

At the Ex Awards, one of the world’s premier experiential marketing competitions, Red Agency’s experiential division Red Guerilla and Arnold Furnace won in the category of Best Single Market Event – Consumer for The Bar That Jack Built campaign. This social media-driven crowdsourced experience celebrated Jack Daniel’s 148th Birthday through crowdsourcing via social media platforms like Facebook.

Shruthi Muralidharan, a bioengineering graduate student who came up with an idea for an at-home hormone monitoring platform; and Vaidura Paladugo, a business school student who created Navigate Inside after becoming disoriented when trying to attend a meeting in a large building.

Personal Life

After Nancy Jones lost her husband a year earlier, she wasn’t sure how she’d afford to replace their furnace. Jack had always helped with finances related to children and bills – now he was gone and left her coping on her own.

Though his schedule was packed, he always found time for those closest to him and valued relationships in business and in his community. Additionally, he enjoyed an active spiritual life through church membership and local children’s gospel outreach efforts.

Jack provides his skills as an interpreter at the 19th-century Joanna Furnace where he works to demonstrate mold-making and casting processes.

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