Funko Pop Disney Villains

Funko Pop Disney Villains Vinyl Figures

Funko’s new line, Disney Villains Pop!, is a great opportunity for Disney movie and collectible toy fans. Vinyl figures. This new line of toys features a variety of popular Disney villains, including the evil Queen, Maleficent, Captain Hook, and Ursula. Each character comes with a custom-designed vehicle.

In 2021 or 2022, the first wave of Disney Villains will be available. These will include 6 Pop figures, 1 Jumbo Pop, 2 Deluxe Pop figures, 4 Pop Plush, and two Mystery Minis. There will be more villains coming in the years to come, so get your hands on them now!

This San Diego Comic Con exclusive is a highly sought-after collectible. Six of these Pops have never been sold on the secondary marketplace, making them highly sought after items. They are not cheap, but Disney Funko collectors will be delighted to get this unique collectible. They’re also great for gift-giving!

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