Fred Perry Amy Winehouse

This photo was taken by Amy winehouse without any makeup. Her wavy black hair was not disguised by any wig or makeup. Despite being a celebrity, her natural beauty was still stunning. Amy winehouse was a celebrity because she could look stunning with or without makeup. This is why she is such a beloved icon. Her hairstyle was as easy as her music career. She was often photographed smoking in the park with her favorite coffee.

Although Amy Winehouse was a renowned singer, she did not wear any makeup. She had curled bangs and deep, smoky eyes. Her hair was long and her eye makeup almost reached her eyebrows. Winehouse’s face was unique and her style required that eyeliner be applied in an upward motion. Eyeshadow was a light shade of brown. But if you want to emulate her look without makeup, try applying a lighter shade of eyeshadow and a little mascara.

Amy Winehouse’s wavy hair was always a source of a debate among fans. Some believe she wore a wig or beehive. Others say that she had never worn any makeup. Whatever the reason, her fans would be mad if she wasn’t seen with makeup on. She had the right to choose her look and we should respect that.

Although the death of the singer was tragic, her legacy lives on. Many people feel her music transcends time and age. While her music is more timeless than ever, her life was filled with tumultuous love affairs. Her career had the potential to change the way people think of celebrity. But she didn’t realize that marriage and art didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. She was unhappy with her relationship, and she figured that she’d rather make art than suffer.

Amy Winehouse was a fashion icon but she was also a beauty lover at home. Her makeup was a mixture of her creativity and professional artists. She developed her own makeup style through trial and error. Amy looked amazing, despite her declining fame. Whether she was wearing full makeup or not, she never looked better. You shouldn’t assume that she was not wearing makeup. She certainly looked like a rock star with makeup.

Despite her declining stardom, Amy Winehouse is still a constant inspiration for the fashion world. In 2010, she collaborated with Fred Perry on a collection. The collaboration with Fred Perry embodied her love for retro style and rock’n’roll. And she went on to release three more collections. The singer had a great relationship to fashion designers and even her clothes were inspired from her personal style.

Amy Winehouse was also a self destructive person. Her obsession with fame and making it big trumped her need to protect herself. She didn’t care about what others thought of her. She didn’t care about what others thought of herself. She even showed off her bra in public, and was praised for both her beauty and talent. So, why not emulate her? She will never know what she had been like without makeup.

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