Fred Kotto

Fred Kotto

Fred Kotto is an African-American and a citizen of the United States. His ancestors come from Cameroon and Panama, West Indies, Germany, and West Indies. He attended the University of Washington and went on to earn a law degree from the William H. Taft School of Law. During his college years, he played football and ran the 400-meter dash for the Huskies.

Kotto also wrote some of the most iconic movies of the 1970s, 1980s. Kotto was also a part of the James Bond movie Live and Let Die. He also played the role Idi Amin during the Raid on Entebbe. He starred in several television shows. He was Lieutenant Al Giardello on Life on the Street in 1997. He also wrote a novel titled Royalty and the contents of a television show, Homicide. Kotto’s voice was also heard in the television series Alien.

Fred Kotto is also a skilled undercover agent. He spent six years undercover, without ever having to contact his police department. He was involved in high-priority operations and manhunts during his time with the San Jose Police Department. He also collaborated with the FBI and DEA to carry out high-risk hostage negotiations. He is also a member the Crisis Intervention Team, which is responsible to conduct high-risk hostage rescues as well as negotiations.

Fred Kotto is married. He married Stanka Vuckovic in 2013 and is of afroamerican ethnicity. He has black hair and marron-oscure eyes. He is a former University of Washington boxer and basketball player. He also participates in the 400-meter lisos competition.

Fred Kotto was born in 1968. When he was eight years of age, his parents divorced. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister and two half-sisters. His parents had two previous marriages. One was to Toni Pettyjohn, and his second marriage was to Tessie Sinahon.

While on active duty, Kotto also wrote screenplays. Lawrence Gordon Productions picked up his first screenplay, AT Rist. His second screenplay Sting Ops was sold to FTVS. Kotto, a former police sergeant, is a writer on the popular television series “The Rookie” and has been a contributing writer to several other shows.

Kotto was born in New York City and raised in the Philippines. His father was an Igbo Jewish man from Cameroon. His grandfather was a merchant from Douala. Despite his father’s heritage, he used his father’s name as his own.

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