Fletcher Funeral Home Obituary New Iberia

Fletcher Funeral Home Obituary

William Fletcher is a member of the New Iberia community and works in the funeral home business with his uncle, Wilbert Fletcher. He is also an insurance agent and works for Security Plan Insurance Company. William is an active member of the St. Edward Roman Catholic Church, where he serves as lector. He is also part of the Mass Choir and the Men of Worship Gospel Choir. In addition, he is a member of the Saint Jude Council No. 179 and Prosper Bijou Assembly No. 179.

General price list

Fletcher Funeral Home in New Iberia, Louisiana, is located in New Iberia, Louisiana. The funeral home is family owned and operated. The deceased’s family is welcome to attend services. Fletcher Funeral Home also serves the surrounding communities.

Compliance with “Funeral Rule”

If you are planning a funeral, you will need to know whether you are in compliance with the “Funeral Rule.” The rule applies to both at-need and pre-need arrangements. The Funeral Rule requires that you disclose the costs associated with the services you are planning. The funeral service provider must also provide a General Price List and a Statement of Goods and Services Selected to consumers.

In addition to disclosure requirements, you must offer the General Price List, or GPL, free of charge. This is a legal requirement for funeral homes in pre-need situations, which are defined as situations where a funeral home does not sell goods or services until after the death of a person. The General Price List must contain all required disclosures and itemized services. Additionally, you cannot offer package funerals to pre-need customers.

If you are unsure about the requirements of the Funeral Rule, consult the guidelines provided by the FTC. These guidelines explain the Funeral Rule’s requirements and provide examples of the documents required by the law.

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