Fire In Orlando

Orlando Fire Department

The Orlando Fire Department is the official fire department of the City of Orlando, Florida. It is a certified emergency management fire department with ISO 1 certification. They are dedicated to providing high quality fire services to the citizens of Orlando.

The Orlando Fire Department responded quickly to the East Miller Street fire and is currently attempting to extinguish it. A video taken by Sky 6 shows heavy smoke coming from the home and flames on the roof. Three dogs were found inside the home by the fire department, and one was removed from it. It took approximately 40 minutes to extinguish the flames.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. However, it is believed that the fire originated in the kitchen. Authorities are investigating whether it was accidental or arson. The fire caused the home’s roof to collapse. Orlando firefighters are working to determine whether there are any suspects. Firefighters used PulsePoint to provide firefighting teams with real-time incident information and live radio communications.

The Orlando Fire Department provided a brief summary of the incident. According to the department, the firefighters were in a rapid rescue mode. One firefighter from Tower 15 used a water can to knock back the fire and stretched a hose line. Lt. Ibrahim, another firefighter, did a 360-degree inspection of the scene before making contact. The patient was unable breathe. To save the victim’s life, firefighters put on a mask and opened a bypass to allow them to extricate him.

The historic Orlando Fire Department is also on the same land as the Orlando Fire Museum. It has a history of more than a century. It was named in honor of Deputy Chief Randall R. Tuten who served as the museum’s head of operations from 2004 to 2016. His son, Nick Tuten is a third-generation firefighter in Orlando Fire Department.

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