Fallout New Vegas Tattoos

Fallout New Vegas Tattoos

Fans of Fallout New Vegas can have their favorite character’s brain inked on their skin as a tattoo. Dogmeat, the cyborg dog with a brain in a case, is a popular choice for this design. Rex’s brain was given to him by The King of the Elvis-inspired faction, The Kings. Mike Boyd, the artist behind Rex’s tattoo, specializes in abstract tattoos and cubism. You can see more of his work on Instagram.

Dogmeat from Fallout 4

One of the most popular Fallout 4 characters is Dogmeat. This German Shepherd is a character in the game, and is famous for his great sniffing skills. A tattoo of Dogmeat combining neon colors and retro goggles is an excellent choice for a Fallout fan. It is best placed on the biceps.

Pip-Boys from Fallout 4

The Pip-Boy is a fun piece of technology from the Fallout series that you can wear on your arm. These computer-like gadgets are used to navigate the game and act as a menu. Tattooing one would make it easy to cosplay as a character from Fallout. Joe Kennett, a tattoo artist in Austin, Texas, has a lot of experience working on themed tattoos, including Star Wars and space themes.

To obtain a Pip-Boy, you must have the Collector’s Edition of Fallout 4. The collector’s edition of the game contains a plastic figurine of a Pip-Boy. This figurine can be paired with the game’s website to access the game’s information. In addition to providing information, it also allows you to navigate menus without restrictions.

Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is a nefarious band of people in the Fallout world. These men and women wear power armor and carry large guns. The group has been a mainstay of Fallout games since the very first ones. They’ve even returned for Fallout 4!

If you’re a fan of Fallout, getting a Brotherhood of Steel tattoo is a must. These tattoos will give you an extra special look in the Fallout universe. They feature a power armored beast that looks like it belongs in a vault.

Nuka Cola

In the Fallout New Vegas video game, you can get a Nuka Cola tattoo to commemorate the popular soda. The brand, which is based on the real-life Coca Cola, had a huge boom in the United States in the year 2044. As a result, Nuka Cola bottle caps became valuable currency in the post-apocalyptic society. These caps also make great Fallout tattoo designs.

Fallout 4’s Codsworth works as a butler before the bombs fell. The tattoo shows him in a radiation storm, but he also sports a sword. Another popular Fallout tattoo is of Deathclaws, which are among the most frightful creatures in the series. Deathclaws are armed with long claws, and are notorious for killing wastelanders.

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