Fallout New Vegas Shovel

Fallout New Vegas Shovel

The Fallout New Vegas Shovel is a simple but useful weapon. Its low damage is ideal for digging up graves in the Mojave. It also doesn’t use any ammunition, so you can use it against weak enemies without worrying about wasting ammunition. The low damage is offset by its high critical chance.


In Fallout New Vegas, there are many different locations for the shovel. The shovel is one of the most important tools in the game. It’s needed to loot graves. You can buy one from the Goodsprings General Store or collect one from a water pump in the town. This shovel is necessary to loot both past and future graves.

A shovel is a weapon used by gravediggers to destroy the remains of their victims. It has a low damage, but is extremely useful when you need to dig up graves in the Mojave. The low damage of a shovel is offset by its high critical chance.


The Fallout New Vegas game has a lot of different uses for the shovel. You can use it to dig graves and you can also use it as a weapon. Graves are located in different locations throughout the Wasteland. You can find these grave sites outside of the town of Goodsprings near a water source.

The shovel is a wooden handled weapon that is extremely useful for digging graves. It can also be used to take out weak enemies without wasting any ammunition. Another good use for the shovel is its special attack, called the Grand Slam. It knocks down enemies, but requires 50 Melee skill. Its high critical chance makes up for its low damage.


One of the best ways to dig graves in Fallout New Vegas is with a shovel. This simple tool can dig through solid rock, and has a 100% critical hit chance. Moreover, it can be repaired with the Jury Rigging perk, which allows you to repair your high-end weapons.

Other important fixes and changes include the “Copy of Research Notes” holotape no longer having quest item tags, and Marcia no longer appearing in the Crater War Room before the objective. Additionally, players cannot infinitely gain reputation with Marcia. The AMS Headquarters basement lab can no longer be unlocked prematurely, and players cannot’repatriate’ reputation from Marcia.

Getting a shovel in Fallout: New Vegas

There are a few different ways to get a shovel in Fallout New Vegas. One way is to use Graves, which are scattered throughout the Wasteland. Graves are found in 20 different locations throughout the game. For the full list of locations, visit the “Shovel in Fallout New Vegas” Wiki entry.

There are many easter eggs in Fallout New Vegas. Just like the Skyrim plant from the first game, you can find a nod to the Elder Scrolls series throughout the city. There are also plaques on utility poles referring to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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