Ez Cups For Keurig

EZ Cups For Keurig

The EZ Cup is a cup of java that fits in your Keurig machine. Its patented self tamping technology compresses your coffee grounds and provides the requisite caffeine rush. Using EZ-Cup in your Keurig may be the next best thing to brewing your own coffee at home, and with the right keurig compatible coffee blends, you can even bring the gourmet to your office.

Aside from a cup of coffee, the EZ Cup also has a lot of other goodies that you don’t find in your average mug of Joe. One of the most impressive features is that you can reuse the EZ-Cup over and over again, and the reusable filter is dishwasher safe. In addition, it is compatible with the newest generation of Keurig brewers – the aptly titled keurig 2.0. For added convenience, you can store up to 16 reusable K-Cups in its nifty rotating holder.

Although it is not the most efficient or the cheapest, the EZ Cup is a worthy investment in your Keurig machine. Whether you have a new or old model, the EZ-Cup is the best way to enjoy your favorite hot beverages. Not only is it the most cost effective, it also satisfies your thirst with the largest selection of flavored brews. You can choose from traditional coffee blends, or experiment with more interesting flavors such as espresso, iced tea, and mocha, among others. Using EZ-Cup, you can actually enjoy your coffee with the bare minimum of fuss, and the resulting cups of joe are just as good as a freshly brewed pot of the good stuff.

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