Elf On The Shelf Pokemon

Elf on the Shelf Pokemon

The elf on the shelf has been around for some time now and the Internet has had a starring role to play. In fact, companies such as Sirius XM have even had a hand in the hype. Aside from being a fun and informative topic of conversation, the elf has also given rise to some genuinely entertaining and often hilarious parodies. For example, the Elf on the shelf vs Drifloon on the Spoon wars has led to some amusingly abridged versions of the same tales.

Despite this, there are still some whopping elf on the shelf chumps out there. Fortunately for them, the Elf on the Shelf aficionados, they do not have to do the hard work for the next few months. And as the Internet has a penchant for a good joke, they should be rewarded with some well deserved rest and relaxation. Whether they do it in style or not is another story. Hopefully they have a few more years of fun and games under their belts.

What started as a fun frolic with a few friends has turned into a competitive tussle. Fortunately, the elf on the shelf aficionados will get the chance to show off their elfy skills to the next generation.

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